Decathlon Gifts for Less than €20 for Triathletes 

In the world of triathlon, having the right equipment is not just a matter of comfort; It is a necessity to achieve maximum performance.  

Today, from, we explore a selection of Decathlon products that are not only affordable, but also essential for any triathlete, whether a newbie or a veteran in the discipline. 

Waterproof Helmet Cover Day and Night Visibility 

This accessory is crucial for those who train in low visibility conditions. Its fluorescent yellow color ensures that you are seen at all times, an essential security measure. 

Discovery 3 1-in-100 Massage Kit 

Recovery is as important as training. This massage kit, which includes a roller, ball and massage stick, is perfect for relieving muscle tension after long training sessions. 

Quick-In Swimming Paddles 

Improve your technique and strength in the water with these swimming paddles. Designed to increase resistance in the water, they are an ideal complement to your aquatic workouts. 

Ecological Alcohol-Free Anti-Fog 

Keep your vision clear during swimming. This ecological anti-fog is a small detail that can make a big difference, especially in competitions. 

Arena Power Fins Pro II Swimming Fins  

These fins are ideal for swimming training, helping to improve speed and kicking technique. 

Long Distance Triathlon Back Support Belt  

An essential element for competitions. This belt allows you to carry your bib number comfortably and safely, without interfering with your performance. 

In addition to these basics for the triathlete, we recommend the following products that are so ideal for this sport. 

Triathlon Bicycle Helmet with Detachable Screen Cat 3 

A helmet is not only a requirement for safety, but also an ally in aerodynamics. This Van Rysel model, with its removable screen, offers versatility and comfort, adapting to different racing conditions.  

Coros Pace 2 GPS Watch  

A watch with GPS and heart rate monitor is essential to monitor your performance. This Coros model is lightweight and offers precise data, an ideal companion for any triathlete. 

These Decathlon products offer excellent value for money, covering essential aspects of triathlon: safety, performance and recovery.  

Although there is no magic formula for success in triathlon, having the right equipment can make a big difference in your training and competition. 

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