Sennheiser Sports: style and resistance to train

The company has just introduced a new series of sports headphones. Developed in collaboration with Adidas, it consists of five models that combine durability, quality audio, ergonomics and incomparable style.

Sennheiser, company specializing in audio solutions, presents its new range of headphones Sports, developed in collaboration with the sports firm Adidas and which has been specifically tested by professional athletes.

Composed by models CX 685, mx 685, ocx 685i, pmx 685i and px 685i, this line is characterized by providing an optimal sound and integrating a special system of support for the ear with silicone adapters that ensure a perfect coupling to the auditory pavilion.


Extreme resistance

In addition, they have been manufactured with special materials, resistant to vibrations of movements, and a great hardness. To which it adds the reinforcement of its cables with a special fiber that guarantees its adaptation to temperatures of up to ten degrees below zero.


Under the tap

In the same way, they have a moisture protection system that repels sweat and also protects the internal components of the headphones against rainwater. Thus, at the end of a workout, it is possible to rinse the headphones with water, directly under the tap, without any risk for its perfect operation.


Compatibility with Apple

In addition to providing maximum ergonomics, a customized setting and powerful audio, three of the new models are also equipped with a microphone and special control on the controller compatible with Apple devices (ocx 685i, pmx 685i and px 685i).


In this way, users will be able to control their iPod or iPhone, as well as answering calls, even if they are doing their sports activities.

Sennheiser Sports music

The whole series

The line is headed by the model PX 685i, a great novelty that stands out for integrating a tape, light and adjustable, for the head. Also, it has foam pads that provide great comfort. But the most important thing is that it offers incredible acoustic precision with powerful sound and high volume. It is available in two shades: black and white.


For its part, PMX 685i It is characterized for being the lightest model, since it weighs only 20 grams of weight. Also, by incorporating a robust and ergonomically designed band that surrounds the neck from behind. In addition, it includes a single-sided cable to offer greater freedom of movement.


Meanwhile, the model MX 685 has been equipped with the special EarFin system, patented by the brand. Thanks to it, the headphones are completely adapted to the ear canal, ergonomically, as if they were a part of the ear. This makes them an ideal model for athletes who use music to concentrate while exercising, since the pads offer, in turn, excellent insulation.


Intraaural models OCX 685i and CX685 They are perfect for enjoying music without external interference while doing any physical activity. And is that thanks to the design of their capsules with silicone protectors, they are able to attenuate the ambient sound.


Similarly, headphones OCX 685i they integrate flexible hooks of subjection to place behind the ear that assure a complete adaptation and maximum freedom of movements during the exercises. Likewise, they have silicone covers in three different sizes (S, M and L) and they are sold in black and white.


Finally, all of them are accompanied by a transport bag and clip for the cable in order to provide the user with greater freedom and comfort in their movements.

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