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TACX the Garmin roller brand

Triathlon News was in the presentation of the brand to the media

The mark Garmin, one of the giants in the world of GPS watches, has announced its merger with TACX developer of bicycle rollers as well as various cycling accessories

In the presentation they showed us their new models and different ranges suitable for all budgets

The most basic range is that of the Satori model, capable of producing up to 1.050 W. They also have a choice of rollers, with the Antares and Galaxia models.

We discuss the most important models

The Neo2T Model

TACX the Garmin roller brand

Neo2T is the great novelty within Tacx's wide range of intelligent rollers.

The previous NEO 2 Smart model has been optimized with a transmission quieter and smarter direct, becoming the most powerful, realistic and precise roller in history.

Features a direct stream with fmagnetic reindeer, 32 magnets, visual inertia wheel, able to simulate a real slope up to 25% as well as descents offering a possibility of maximum resistance 2.200 watts with a pressure <1%.

PVP: 1.299 €

Antares and Galaxy models

TACX the Garmin roller brand TACX the Garmin roller brand

In the curlers models We distinguish between Antares and Galaxia, the latter with a turning system that allows a slight oscillation forward and back to absorb pedal movements and thus prevent the bike from derailing.

Antares Price: € 179

Galaxy Price: € 249

Neo Bike model

TACX the Garmin roller brand

Neo Bike, a smart exercise bike, realistic and adaptable to the fitting of each athlete make these two products a unique offer in the market for smart rollers.

PVP: 2.599 €

All the information can be found on their website:

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