The best quality / price option for the POLAR triathlete

Just a few weeks ago POLAR surprised us with the launch of the new model POLAR VANTAGE M2, improving the functionalities of its predecessor POLAR VANTAGE M launched in 2018.

What has surprised us the most this time is his incredible lightness (45 grams) toas well as the extreme precision in the control of the pulsations on the wrist thanks to its patented technology that incorporates 9 LEDs, 4 electrodes and an accelerometer on its back and offers an exhaustive control of the data.


 From the 2018 Polar has not stopped surprising us with its different models, starting with the Vantage M, going through Vantage V, GRIT X, a few months ago the Vantage V2 model and now Vantage M2.

Test POLAR VANTAGE M2 ,img_6097870e6b535
POLAR VANTAGE M2 packaging,

The main difference between each of them, in addition to the design and light weight in the case of M2, is based on the software with different options in the menu that each product has.

POLAR VANTAGE M2, is an intermediate model between Vantage M and Vantage V And, from our point of view, it has come to stay and position itself as one of the best value for money option for the athlete who likes to keep track of their training.


From our point of view a model for those who do not require to this day, the Top-of-the-range VantageV2 options (RRP from 499.90 euros) such as performance tests or route download.

But they do want to keep precise control of their workouts, as well as have other very interesting functionalities looking for a quality / price model that covers all their needs and with which they can monitor their data as shown in these screens.

Polar Vantage M2 can give us all the necessary data of our swimming, cycling or running sessions on foot, also counting on the specific “multisport” option for triathlon capable of measuring the data in a competition, changing activities just by pressing a button.

In addition, it has other options in its menu such as the weather and weather forecast or the so-called “Fitness Test”, capable of giving you data on your VO2max just by putting it on your wrist and following the detailed instructions.

A very useful piece of information to know what our state of form is and to plan our trainings to later measure the improvements.

POLAR VANTAGE M2 Test ,img_60978716d9406
Screenshot of Polar Flow and POLAR VANTAGE M2,


Extremely precise wrist pulse control, control of training data in km, rhythms and duration, long battery life (up to 100 hours of training with battery saving mode), swimming metrics, connection with smartphone, music controls, notifications mobile…

Also having other options to take into account such as the feeding and hydration notices to maintain energy levels, sleep and recovery record and even the option of taking a VO2 max test, among others as we mentioned, with a very reasonable price of only 299 euros.


POLAR Vantage M2 is presented as a very versatile model and the best quality / price option for the triathlete you need to keep track of your workouts while looking for an elegant and discreet low weight model to use in your day-to-day life.

POLAR VANTAGE M2 Test ,img_6097871e9f73a
Instagram / ( Lucy Charles - Polar Triathlete


Covering the basic and necessary needs for an athlete, such as heart rate control and GPS, POLAR offers us an interface with a design that gives us the option to view all the data quickly and easily after a training session.

In your own Vantage M2 you can view data such as: training duration, Heart Rate Zones, Distance and calorie consumption among others.

In addition, thanks to POLAR FLOW, that you can download to your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you will be able to see an overview of all activities even without having your POLAR at your fingertips.

POLAR VANTAGE M2 Test ,img_6097872427299
POLAR Vantage M2 image


  • Precise pulsation control from the wrist (no need to wear a chest strap) thanks to the 9 built-in LEDs, a very useful option for our swimming sessions where we dream of getting rid of the chest strap
  • MULTISPORT option: has 130 physical activities including "Multisport", something completely necessary for the triathlete who wants to monitor their data in transitions from swimming to cycling and running (of course, submersible)
  • Design and lightness. M2 is presented as the lightest of its models that have this MULTISPORT option essential for the triathlete
  • Sleep control and post-session recovery analysis
  • Battery life (up to 100 hours in power save mode)
  • Refreshment reminder and Energy sources
  • Es compatible with cycling sensors Bluetooth Smart
  • Offers a personalized daily exercise guide depending on your fitness, predisposition to training history
  • solo weighs 45g

The POLAR VANTANGE M2 can be purchased through the official store of POLAR


  • Design 9/10
  • Weight 10/10
  • Software 8/10
  • Accuracy 10/10
  • 10/10 versatility

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