Victory Endurance, company in continuous process of innovation, presents the new product Energyboost gel + Caffeine

Victory Endurance, Sponsor of Triathlon News and a Leading Company in the Development of Products adapted to the needs of the triathlete presents important novelties for this 2013 such as the new Gel EnergyBoost.



A new gel with caffeine, to prolong the performance, joins the family. EnergyBoost Gel + Caffeine comes in two flavors: Cola and Red Energy.


Combination gel complex and simple carbohydrates, caffeine, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins to delay fatigue and improve performance during exercise. With caffeine and Guarana that reduces the feeling of fatigue and optimizes the metabolism. Caffeine and Guarana are ingredients with proven ergogenic action, that is, improving performance.


In the short term because it stimulates the CNS (Central Nervous System) increasing our ability to concentrate, etc.
But in reality it helps us in the long term because:


1) activates the metabolism of fats, that is, which facilitates its use for energy purposes, which improves performance because it saves glycogen;

2) improves muscle contraction.


Through the product section on the manufacturer's website you can find out more about EnergyBoost Gel + Caffeine


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