Zone3 launches the world's fastest Tri-siut, the Aeroforce-X.

Zone3 has teamed up with an aerodynamic brand to design the best suit to date

After years of research and testing, the leading triathlon brand Zone3 is proud to announce the launch of the fastest tri-suit in the world, the Aeroforce-X.

The tri-suit has been developed, tested and manufactured through collaboration between Zone3 and aerodynamic specialists, Nopinz.

Together, they have combined years of experience, competition and ingenuity to create the world's fastest triathlon suit.

Zone3 launches the world's fastest tri-siut, the Aeroforce-X. ,image003-1
Images of the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Tri-suit.

The importance of the cycling segment, approximately 50% of a competition

The cycling segment represents approximately 50% of the time that a triathlete is in competition, so Zone3 saw an opportunity to help reduce time in this segment.

The combination of Zone3's industry experience and knowledge of speed suit de Nopinz have allowed the creation of this new Tri-Suit.

Zone3 launches the world's fastest tri-siut, the Aeroforce-X. ,image001-1
Wind test with the Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Tri-suit.

The Aeroforce-X offers many improvements on the bicycle, something that represents a great advance for all triathletes.

These improvements do not intervene in comfort and performance during swimming or running, as the suit offers great performance in all segments of the triathlon.

“The Aeroforce-X represents another proud milestone in our company history. We have combined our vast knowledge of triathlon with Nopinz, who are industry experts in the aerodynamic world, ”says James Lock, founder of Zone3. 

Fabrics and construction

Making the fastest tri suit in the world required the blend of fabrics and advanced techniques for maximum performance and comfort, in addition to having the least possible weight. At the heart of all the suit's aerodynamic gains is the innovative Aeroforce fabric.

Zone3 launches the world's fastest tri-siut, the Aeroforce-X. ,image004
The Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Tri-suit.

Strategically placed around the shoulders, this fabric has increased stretch and breathability characteristicsd, as well as the 3D pattern to improve the aerodynamics of the bicycle ..

Through the use of Aerostripe aerodynamic elastic side panels and a water repellent coating Aquazero, the aerodynamic gains on the bike they are complemented by a reduction in water resistance.

Zone3 has made additional improvements with the use of the tColdBlack e technologyn the entire core to help regulate body temperature, and UPF50 + ratings to help protect against sunshine.

Independently tested

Zone3 has sought out independent testers to ensure that the Aeroforce-X is undeniably the fastest triathlon suit in the world.

Aerocoach engineers and aerodynamic analysts conducted extensive fabric, pattern design, and competition tests at the Boardman Performance Center.

These tests show the good performance of the suit, which is the most important thing when evaluating the resistance of a triathlon suit and the many variables that can affect this.

Zone3 assured that the Aeroforce-X is the fastest triathlon suit in both good and bad condition.

Extensive testing has been done both in the wind tunnel and on the runway using various body types.

The results have been obtained through various test variables. Simulating different environments and bodies equals tangible improvements on race day.

Zone3 launches the world's fastest tri-siut, the Aeroforce-X. ,image005
The Zone 3 Aeroforce-X Tri-suit better than the rest of its competitors

 The statistics

The Aeroforce-X outperformed all other suits during testing (see full test results below). The new Zone3 suit was the fastest in the test and recorded an average speed increase of 0.3kph (2.4%) compared to the control sample.

Relative to watts, the Aeroforce-X reached 257.5 W at a speed of 40kph, saving 4.1 over the control sample and 2.65 compared to the competition average.

Name 35kph 40kph 45kph Mean SD Power 4:30 IM bike leg (40kph) Drag reduction from bibs / jersey (%) Speed ​​increase from bibs / jersey (40kph)
NewZone3 0.19960 0.19998 0.19865 0.19941 0.00068 257.5 2.4 0.30kph
competitor 1 0.20125 0.19925 0.19795 0.19948 0.00166 257.6 2.4 0.29kph
competitor 2 0.19885 0.20090 0.20618 0.20198 0.00378 259.6 1.1 0.14kph
competitor 3 0.20045 0.20070 0.20720 0.20278 0.00383 260.3 0.8 0.09kph
competitor 4 0.20115 0.20210 0.20510 0.20278 0.00206 260.3 0.8 0.09kph
competitor 5 0.20315 0.20580 0.20380 0.20425 0.00138 261.5 0.0 0.005kph
Bibs & jersey 0.20255 0.20510 0.20530 0.20432 0.00153 261.6 - -

Showing off its versatility, the Zone3 suit got less than half the variability than its closest rival in all environments, sizes, and speeds, making it the most consistent in the test.

The time and energy savings provided to users of the Zone3 Aeroforce-X tri suit, compared to those who wear tri suits from their main competitors, makes it a kit that cannot be ignored.

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