Zoot revolutionizes the world of tri by incorporating the BOA system to its shoes

The new collection SS 2013, introduces the BOA tying system to its 4.0 flying model. More lightness, greater grip and permanent tension are the main advantages compared to the classic cord.



It's about the competition model, Ultra Race 4.0, flying most used together with Kiawe for short distance in triathlon which now gives way to the use of stainless steel laces with the adjustment and BOA dial, which guarantee optimal tension and grip throughout the race phase


With the incorporation of this novelty, Zoot replaces the classic cord and the so used elastic cord by BOA, the most resistant and secure closure system of the moment.


From the mountain and adapted to other disciplines such as recently to cycling, the BOA tying system, is characterized by incorporating laces of filaments of stainless steel that, through a wheel or dial, are tailored in a personalized way to keep the foot as adapted to the shoe. Once the measurement is adjusted, with just one click the foot grip is guaranteed from the start of the race until it is finished, without any movement or misalignment. At the end of the exercise, the system is the same: the pressure is released through the dial.


The new cords are ideal to guarantee the Effectiveness of the tread, optimize the ujeción and the stability of the foot at all times, offer greater lightness and safety, and a total comfort to not have to be pending at any time of the cordones.Además, they are resistant for life to any type of weather condition or terrain. They do not get dirty or get hurt


. As the image shows, unlike the classic cord, the BOA system ensures permanent lasujeción but without pressing both the instep or the upper face of the foot. This guarantees greater comfort, and improves the return of blood flow in the area.


BOA system


El BOA system that Zoot applies, is a cord of 49 steel filaments that in the 2013 season, will be integrated at the moment, only in the Ultra Race 4.0. The incorporation BOA in this model, make the transitions for the triathlete become even faster, to lapar that you get a greater lightness and a constant grip in the race, which make it the ideal companion fatigue for the runners and lovers of the latest technology.


Website: www.zootsports.com

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