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Zwift hub one, the new Zwift trainer that revolutionizes training at home 

The global online fitness platform, Zwift has taken a giant step in the world of cycling and triathlon with the launch of its new smart trainer, the Zwift Hub One.  

This device not only makes it easier to access the Zwift platform, but also introduces revolutionary features that make it essential equipment for any cycling enthusiast. 


To offer a more complete vision of what the Zwift Hub One has to offer, we have compiled a detailed table with all its features.  

From compatibility to technical specifications to upgrade options, this table is a complete guide that answers all the questions you may have about this revolutionary smart trainer. 

Feature  Details 
Release date  11 for October, 2023 
Compatibility  Bicycles from 8 to 12 speeds 
Special Component  Zwift Cog 
Virtual Exchange  Yes 
Remote control  Zwift Click 
Number of Virtual Marches  24 
Power Accuracy  ± 2,5% 
Maximum power  1.800 W 
Simulated Maximum Slope  16% 
Flywheel Weight  4,7 kg 
Metrics  Power, cadence, speed and distance 
Connectivity  Bluetooth and ANT+ 
Wheel Size  Compatible with various sizes and types of wheels 
Axes  Compatible with 130mm and 135mm quick releases and thru axles 
Price  599 € 
Zwift subscription  1 year included 
Upgrade Options  Upgrade package available for €59,99 
Guarantee  1 year for manufacturing and material defects 
Required Software  Zwift version 1.50 or higher 
Accessories included  Rubber controller straps, installation tools 
Availability  Zwift online store, authorized dealers 
Other Functions  Adjustable resistance, customizable training modes 

Universal Zwift Cog Compatibility 

El Zwift Hub One It stands out for its universal compatibility. Thanks to the new component Zwift Cog, this trainer is compatible with almost any 8 to 12 speed bicycle. 

 This single sprocket comes pre-installed and eliminates the need for a standard cassette, making life easier for riders. 

The Revolution of Virtual Change 

Virtual change is another of the innovations introduced by the Zwift Hub One. Previously only available on high-end smart bikes, this feature allows for smooth, instant and silent shifting.  

Cyclists can enjoy a much more realistic and quiet training experience, ideal for those living in apartments or shared spaces. 

Wireless Control with Zwift Click 

The wireless controller Zwift Click allows users to control virtual changes easily.  

This device can be installed on any type of handlebar and offers intuitive control, with + and – buttons to up or down the gear. 

Technical specifications  

El Zwift Hub One does not skimp on technical specifications 

 With a power accuracy of ±2,5%, a maximum power of 1.800 W and a maximum simulated slope of 16%, this trainer is designed for the most demanding cyclists.  

In addition, its flywheel weighs 4,7 kg, ensuring a smooth and realistic pedaling experience. 

Flexibility for Existing Users 

For users who already have a Zwift Hub, the company offers an upgrade package that includes Zwift Cog y Zwift Click by 59,99 €.  

This package allows current users to enjoy all the new features without having to purchase a new trainer. 

Availability and price 

El Zwift Hub One It is now available for purchase. The price is €599 and includes a one-year subscription to Zwift.  

For those who prefer the previous model, the Zwift Hub Classic will continue to be available. 

One Year Zwift Subscription Included 

As an added bonus, the Zwift Hub One It comes with a one-year subscription to Zwift, valued at €149,99.  

This allows users to access a wide variety of tours, workouts and events on the platform. 

Warranty and Support 

El Zwift Hub One It comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects, giving users peace of mind. 

Where to buy?

El Zwift Hub One It can now be purchased through the official website https://eu.zwift.com/es/pages/zwift-hub-one  

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