Alistair Brownlee goes down for the IRONMAN Austria

The British Alistair Brownlee He has done it again, he has announced that he will not participate in IRONMAN Austria this weekend.

This is the third time that Brownlee has postponed his participation in a qualifying event for the IRONMAN World Championship, after doing so previously at IRONMAN South Africa and Hamburg.

Opportunities for other athletes

Brownlee's withdrawal from IRONMAN Austria may open opportunities for other athletes.

Among them, the Spanish Emilio Aguayo, recent Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Champion, could benefit from Brownlee's absence and have more options to get a slot for the World Cup, since 2 slots are offered for Nice.

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What options do you have left?

The absence of Brownlee in the IRONMAN of Austria limits your options to qualify for the IRONMAN World Cup, which will be held in September in Nice, France.

You can consult the IRONMAN professional test calendar to this 2023.

Despite these changes of opinion, Brownlee is still considered one of the great candidates to take the victory in Nice, thanks to the demanding bicycle circuit that characterizes the event.

The IRONMAN Austria is one of the most prestigious events on the European trialton circuit.

Located in Klagenfurt, a city known for its beauty and rich history, the event always attracts many of the world's best triathletes.

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