Challenge Roth's innocent “Ban Drafting in Swimming”

Challenge Roth, one of the most important long distance triathlons in the world, published on April 1, a post with an innovative measure for this year's edition: the ban on drafting in swimming.

But it coincided that it was with Easter, the April Fool's Day in many countries. It is a tradition to make jokes on this day.

Just as many suspected on social networks, the ban on drafting joins the descent through Solar Hill and the existence of Nessie on the channel as classic Challenge Roth jokes for April Fools' Day.

This is what they said on social networks:

"Many athletes have approached us to complain about the amount of water they swallow while swimming. To prevent athletes from having to deal with additional waves from the person swimming directly in front of them, let's answer this.

For this reason, there will be a mandatory distance of 4,5 meters (about the size of a kayak) when swimming in the @challengeroth.

To control this, @race.ranger will also be implemented when swimming. If someone is caught drafting in the water, the penalty must be served on a specially installed penalty buoy directly in the water. Out of a duty of care, we will deliver a pool churro upon request.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the amount of water swallowed so that the amount of water in the canal is not reduced unnecessarily."

Challenge Roth has been satisfied with the impact of her joke:

“Of course you are right: just like the news that we are going down Solar Hill or that Nessie lives in the canal, the news here is an April Fool's joke. But: You can be sure that we will try again next year” (Challenge Roth Post: DO NOT INCLUDE URL HERE)

("Of course they're right: just like the news that we're going down Solar Hill or that Nessie lives on the canal, the news here is an April Fool's Day joke. But: you can rest assured that we'll try hard!" new next year!")

This year's publication generated a lot of attention and debate in the triathlete community. Some triathletes took it with humor, while others expressed concern about the possibility of drafting being banned in the future.

Drafting will remain legal in Challenge Roth

The most important thing to remember is that drafting is still a valid strategy in the race. Challenge Roth remains committed to safety and fairness for all participants.

Find Out More

For more information on the drafting ban at Challenge Roth, triathletes can consult the event's official website:

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