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Gustavo Rodriguez «I tried Skechers two years ago and I am very happy to have done it»

Your next goal is the IRONMAN Florianapolis

Gustavo Rodríguez, this year he is looking for his pass to IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, already participated in the past IM South Africa with good feelings and now he will participate in the IM Florianapolis to look again for the desired Slot.

Gustavo has also participated this year in Duathlon MD Championship (with victory) and in the past LD Championship of Pontevedra

The Galician triathlete uses Skechers for a long time and we wanted to ask you about your favorite models, which uses, some tips to improve speed in the race and how to face the race on foot from a long distance test, after getting off the bike.

Tell us about your experience with Skechers, they are comfortable, light, value for money, etc.

I already knew the brand from before, the truth was that I had a very good opinion of them, that's why I decided to try them two years ago and I am very happy that I did.

From the first time you wear them, the feeling is that it is a very comfortable shoe. They have a very wide range of models, we have models that allow us to roll and make long runs with comfort up to super-flying for competition.

I am very happy with them and another aspect to take into account is the value for money that is very good.

Could you tell us a workout that you like to improve running speed?

I think that working a little on speed is very important, as it helps us to improve our race pace or race economy.

Although we are long-distance runners, sometimes this is easier to do from shorter distances, in order to work speed.

Personally, a training that I like is one of 400 or 500 series but also complete a total of 8 kilometers to rhythm 10 seconds faster that we do in a 10 km and with very short recoveries

They are workouts that I like and that leave me feeling very good to face longer distances later.

Gustavo Rodríguez, running with Skechers
Gustavo Rodríguez, running with Skechers

And for a medium or long distance triathlon, what is your favorite training?

Once we have the speed base, the workouts that I like the most for the long distance are at rhythms and competition specifics o five seconds faster, with equal series a little longer.

A classic they are 4x 3.000 o even 3x 5.000 at the rate of Half or five seconds slower.

Its trainings that always give confidence And they also leave you very good feelings, since you do not reach the level of suffering of other shorter series and you notice running fast and it is very pleasant to perform.

Which Skechers model do you like the most?

My favorite model of Skechers, are the Razor. It is a very versatile shoe, it is used to train at medium high rhythms and especially for medium and long distances. If you are a little bit fast runner it adapts very well.

Is a slipper my dresser and without much drop, the truth is that it is very effective and you can put them both for your workouts and for the competitions of 10 km.

Then there are also the Speed, which is a shoe that I love, especially for series or if you have to run a sprint triathlon or a 5k what do we do in preseason then for those distances they are authentic formula one.

Gustavo Rodríguez, tying his shoelaces, Skechers
Gustavo Rodríguez, tying his shoelaces, Skechers

Madrid's North and South Race Have you ever run it? Which side do you bet on? Could you give us some advice for the race?

The truth is that I have never run it, I have heard of this race and the truth is that it is a very cool challenge, to get that little bit of competitiveness that we all have and have that stimulus to be able to give the best of ourselves.

It is a very fast 10k, a tip is that be very clear about the rhythms before leaving and that they prepare well for the race at home. The best thing is that that day be enjoyed without further obsessions e try to make our best mark and enjoy this cool event.

Any advice for people facing the dreaded IROMMAN marathon? How do they plan the race?

The advice for an Ironman is that it is Prepare it with great care, with great care and above all without jumping steps.

Now we see many people who directly want todo the triathlon at distances like this and it's a real outrage. You have to go testing races at slightly smaller distances, knowing sensations, correcting mistakes and after a long journey to reach the long-awaited Ironman, which is the goal of many, to enjoy it very much but without skipping steps.

As for the marathon, be very clear about the rhythms that we are going to take and above all not to overdo it, because when we go out for a run, sometimes it seems to us that the pace is too conservative but in the end it becomes very hard, especially after that dreaded kilometer thirty.

Another tips is take care throughout the test of food and hydrationTo get to the race on foot in the best possible conditions, it is difficult to do well during cycling, but neglecting it will be an impossible task.


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