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The pre-World Series of Bermuda, the return of Noya

Javier Gómez Noya returns to compete in the WTS where Mario Mola is the leader and will start with the number 1

This next Saturday 27 of April, the second meeting of the Triathlon World Series where Mario Mola, winner in Abu Dhabi, is the current leader of the classification and will seek his second victory to continue strengthening the leadership in the search for his fourth consecutive world. In this test he proved to be at a great level getting a mark of 14 minutes in the 5 km of running race.

Mola has got 3 times get off the 14 minutes in this distance and although the test of this weekend is about Olympic distance sure we will see him perform at the highest level again.

Although Mola is the favorite, all eyes are on the return of Javier Gómez Noya to this competition, where in his last participation was 1 year and a half in the Grand final of Rotterdam where he was fourth.

Noya's goal is clear, get the place for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In a interview He commented on his objectives in the first part of the season where he wants to check if he is at the level necessary to achieve it. In this other article he tells us how he faces the test of Bermuda

The triarmada

In this test besides Mario Mola y Javier Gómez Noya will be the rest of the triarmada that so many joys is giving us. Fernando Alarza third in Abu Dhabi and Chente Hernández that comes from winning the IM 70.3 Peru where he has achieved the place for the World Cup in Nice where Noya and Alarza were already qualified. Antonio Serrat will be the last representative in the men's event.

As for the favorites of the test, in addition to the Spanish will be Jonathan Brownlee, Vicent Luis, Kristinan Blummenfelt, Jacob Birtwhistle , Joao Silva, Pierrre Le Corre, Henry Schoeman o Richard Varga among others.

Male start list

As for the females, the lack of injury due to Flora Duffy, ambassador of the test that continues with discomforts and has preferred not to participate in the competition.

What will be is Katie Zaferes with the number 1 after his victory in Yokohama Abu Dhabi, and although we will not see Flora Duffy. For this test it will be necessary to take into account Vicky Holland, Jessica Learthmonth, Ashleigh Gentle o Taylor Siviey among other. Our representation will be formed by Carolina Routier y Sara Perez.

Female start list

Where to see the Bermuda WTS live?

The test will be played next Saturday 27 April and these are the hours to see it live


Male test

Time: 13: 06 (Local time) 18: 06 (Spanish time)

Female test

Time: 16: 06 (Local time) 21: 06 (Spanish time)


The test can be followed live through these means

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