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Richard Murray breaks his personal best in 10K with 28:04

He has managed to close his triplet of PB with 3, 5 and now the 10Km

The South African triathlete Richard Murray has made this weekend his attempt to beat your personal best in the distance of 10.000 meters.

Murray It has been only 5 seconds away from falling below 28 minutes, since he has achieved a time of 28:04 running at a 2 mean: 49 min / km

Has made this mark running solo, but with a bike setting the pace at all times on a day where he has had gusts of up to 25 km / hour of wind.

In his social networks he commented:

You can see in this video how he has achieved it:

A few months ago he already managed to go down from 8 minutes in 3.000 meters, with 7:58 and do 13:37 in the 5K


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