• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Saleta Castro "Ironman Lanzarote, it has been an incredible experience"

In the interview conducted this morning by Triathlon News to the young triathlete Saleta Castro In the town of El Carmen, very close to the finish line where only two days ago he achieved a well-deserved top10 in the test, we have been able to count on his statements "It has been an incredible experience, without a doubt, I will return to Lanzarote"

The triathlete managed to maintain second position for practically the entire route, however, as she approached km 20 she felt her strength lacking “I had trained a lot for this test, during the circuit everything went well until the second part of the marathon, there I felt that my strength was lacking, my body only allowed me to drink water but I fought until the last moment, the satisfaction of reaching the goal is indescribable "

"A very hard experience, but one that gives a lot of strength and desire to continue, without a doubt, I will repeat"

This has been the first long-distance test for the young Galician triathlete, based in Galicia where she trains with Luis Piña at the Pontevedra Technification Center “My forecast is to compete in Zarautz in a few weeks, but now I feel like I have to rest and see How am I recovering for this test where I would like to participate "

During this summer we will be able to see this promising young woman at various appointments, ending her season at the 70.3 organized by Club la Santa in Lanzarote next November.

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