Gwen Jorgensen wins Tongyeong World Cup  

Cecilia Santamaría enters the Top10  

Gwen Jorgensen, the 2016 Olympic gold medalist, has once again demonstrated her dominance in the world of triathlon with a victory in the Triathlon World Cup in Tongyeong, South Korea.  

This victory comes at a crucial moment in his career, as he has recently decided change your focus to maximize their chances of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 

After his participation in the Finals of the World Triathlon Series in Pontevedra, Gwen opted to withdraw from the US team at the Pan American Games in Chile and compete in Asia to participate in back-to-back races in South Korea and Japan. 

In an exciting race, Gwen Jorgensen managed to surpass Yuki Takahashi from Japan and Tereza Zimovjanova from the Czech Republic to take the victory 

Despite some setbacks during the transition and swim segment, Gwen demonstrated her ability to recover and ultimately take the lead. 

“I'm happy to have made it to the front, although I'm not really excited about my race today,” she said. Gwen After the race. “I'm always happy to get the win.” 

As for the Spanish athletes, Cecilia Santamaria Surroca had an outstanding performance, finishing in ninth position with a time of 00:59:00.  

Top 10 female 

Position  Name  Last Name  Time  Country 
1  Gwen  Jorgensen  00:58:16  USA 
2  Yuko  Takahashi  00:58:20  JPN 
3  Tereza  Zimovjanova  00:58:23  CZE 
4  Clear  Michel  00:58:40  BEL 
5  ainsley  Thorpe  00:58:50  NZL 
6  Zsófia  Kovács  00:58:51  HUN 
7  Holly  Elliott  00:58:55  GBR 
8  Kira  Hedgeland  00:58:55  AUS 
9  Cecilia  Santa Maria   00:59:00  ESP 
10  Erika  ackerlund  00:59:00  USA 

 In the male category Tim hellwig from Germany took the gold with a time of 00:50:25, closely followed by Ricardo Batista from Portugal with 00:50:29. Completing the podium, Samuel Dickinson of Great Britain finished in third place with a time of 00:50:33. 

Esteban Basanta Fouz He was the best Spaniard classified in 19th position. 

Men's 10 Top  

Position  Name  Last Name  Time  Country 
1  Team  Hellwig  00:50:25  GER 
2  Ricardo  Batiste Polka Dots  00:50:29  POR 
3  Samuel  Dickinson  00:50:33  GBR 
4  Dylan  McCullough  00:50:35  NZL 
5  Jack  Willis  00:50:39  GBR 
6  Tyler  Mislawchuk  00:50:49  CAN 
7  Simon  Westermann  00:50:52  SUI 
8  Lasse Nygaard  Priests  00:50:52  GER 
9  Brandon  Copeland  00:50:54  AUS 
10  Matthew  McElroy  00:50:56  USA 

Spanish athletes

Spanish athletes also had a notable presence in the competition. 

 Below, we present a table with the results of the Spanish participants in both categories. 

Position  Name  Time  Category 
9  Cecilia Santamaria   00:59:00  Female 
19  Stephen Basanta   00:51:11  Male 
25  Alberto González   00:51:25  Male 
50  Jose Ignacio   00:53:53  Male 
25  Maria Casals   01:00:05  Female 


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