How is Lionel Sanders preparing for kona 2020?

The Canadian is on the island, taking data that will help him be 100% on the day of the competition

The Canadian triathlete Lionel Sanders participation in the IRONMAN World Championship.

After his poor results in recent years (in 2019 he was 22nd, in 2018 29th and 2017 2nd) he has moved to the island together with his coach David Tilbury to do "on" the field a series of tests, which will give data on how to acclimatize and compete in the best conditions The day of the test.

As usual, Sanders has posted a video explaining the entire process he is carrying out on his social networks.

No Slot for Kona 2020 yet

Sanders, he still doesn't have the Slot for Kona, but he sure gets it throughout the season

IRONMAN Kona 2020 classifieds list

The end of 2019 in a big way with 3 middle distance wins

Lionel finished the 2019 season in a big way, winning the IM 70.3 Indian Wells, he IM 70.3 The ends and to finish off with a victory in the Challenge Daytona in a duel with Pablo Dapena.

There are no previous results.

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