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? Jan Frodeno World Champion and with test record

? Anne Haug IRONMAN World Champion

Time Industry  Kilometer What's going on?
3:15 Career Meta Anne Haug World champion IRONMAN
3:12 Career Meta Eneko Llanos finished the 29th and Clemente Alonso in the 34º
3:09 Career km 40 F Anne Haug is about to reach the finish line
2:55 Career km 38 F Sarah Crownley has advanced to Charles
2:55 Career km 38 F Haug goes for victory
2:31 Career km 30 F Anne Haug already 2 minutes ahead of Charles.
2:19 Career Meta Jan Frodeno World Champion and with test record
2:08 Career km 39 M Frodo is in time to make the test record
2:05 Career km 38 M Frodeno goes to victory
2:04 Career km 26 F Anne Haug career leader
1:54 Career km 35 M Frodeno already goes for the km 35
1:52 Career km 22 F Only 40 seconds between Haug and Charles
1:46 Career km 33 M Frodo takes almost 6 minutes ahead of O'Donnell
1:29 Career km 17 F Only 3 minutes away Haug will catch up with Charles as he continues like this
1:18 Career km 14 F  Haug is already four minutes from Charles
1:17 Career km 26 M Frodeno already has 4 minutes ahead ...
01:07 Career km 12 F Eye Haug, it's now 5 minutes from Lucy
01:01 Cycling 180 F Gurutze Frades the 27th has finished cycling, at 36:44
0:57 Career km 6 F Haug cuts some of the time on Charles, now stands at 6: 20 of the British.
0:56 Career km 20 M Watch out for Cameron Wurf who is already a quarter, 3 minutes from Kienle. Alistair Brownlee is 6º to 10 ′
0:55 Career km 20 M 3:26 ahead for Frodeno over O'Donnel and 5:26 over Kienle.
0:35 Career km 3 F Charles maintains the advantage over Haug, who has left the group and marches alone
0:31 Career km 14 M Frodeno's advantage is now 3 minutes over O'Donnel, 5 over Kienle and 7 over Brownlee
00:25 Cycling km 180 F Daniela Ryf gets off the bike at 12:44 from Charles
00:23 Career Km 12 M Kienle is third at 5' and Brownlee is noticing fatigue and goes 6' behind with Sanders at 10''
00:20 Career km 12 M Frodeno continues to increase its advantage. 2: 41 on O'Donnell
00:17 Cycling km 180 F Lucy Charles has reached T2 with 7:52 of advantage over Daniela Bleymehl, Anne Haug and Sarah Crowley
00:03 Cycling km 180 M Eneko Llanos reached T2 in 37th position at 28 minutes and Clemente Alonso in 42nd position at 31:46
00:01 Cycling Km 167 F Charles was ahead of the group headed by Bleymehl in 7: 38. Daniea Ryf is 9ª to 12: 15
23:58 Career km 6 M Frodeno already serves 2:10 to O'Donnell at km 6
23:50 Career Km 3 M In the first 3 kilometers of the Frodeno marathon, it has an advantage in 1: 42 to O'Donnell and in 3: 43 to Brownlee. Sanders climbs to fourth place at 4: 04 running along with Kienle and Wurf
23:38 Cycling km 180 M Boris Stain has been the fastest on the bike (4: 13: 18)
23:37 Cycling km 180 M Frodeno arrives alone at T2 with 2: 18 advantage over O'Donnell and 3: 44 over Wurf. Kienle arrives at 4: 01 and leads the group with Brownlee, Stain, Kountny, Hogenhaugh and Sanders
23:15 Cycling km 167 M Frodeno is in the lead with 1 ′ on O'Donnel and 1: 22 on Brownlee
23:12 Cycling km 141 F Haug's group, cut the difference a bit from Charles, are now at 5: 50.
22:53 Cycling km 153 M Frodeno, Brownlee and O'Donnel are still in the lead with 2: 06 ahead of the Wurf group
22:47 Cycling Km 124 F Lucy is still in the lead with 6:30 ahead of the group. Ryf is ninth at 10:09
22:26 Cycling Km 111 F Charles increases his lead to the 7 minutes over the chasing group. Daniela Ryf loses 10: 18 and is 10ª
22:25 Cycling Eye with Daniela, who last year traced in the second part of the race
22:20 Cycling Km 95 M The Spanish: Eneko Llanos 37th at 11:50 and Clemente Alonso 42nd at 16:44, Gurutze Frades is 34th at 24:53
22:15 Cycling km 124 M Wurf, Kienle and Sanders group is at 3:05
22:14 Cycling km 124 M The trio of Frodeno, Brownlee and O'Donnel increases their advantage over Amberger to 2: 10
22:13 Cycling km 95 F Charles continues to increase his lead 6:13 over the group and 9:25 over Ryf
22:03 Cycling km 111 M Maurice Clavel stays in the lead group, is 21 seconds
21:51 Cycling km 90 F In the turn in Hawi, Charles maintains the advantage over the Haug group, while Daniela Ryf already loses 8: 30
21:46 Cycling Retirada  It seems that Patrick Lange, last night was feverish and had to retire ..
21:44 Cycling km 80 F Charles is still in the lead with 5:21 over Haug. Ryf loses already 8:29
21:38 Cycling km 90 M The chasing group with Wurf and Kienle is at 2: 20
21:37 Cycling km 90 M Amberger goes 44 seconds behind the quartet that still leads
21:31 Cycling km 84 M Amberger has been left behind on the climb, Frodeno in the lead
21:23 Cycling km 80 M After the climb the head quintet is still attached and the group of pursuers is at 2: 24
21:20 Cycling km 67,1 The Spanish at the beginning of the climb: Eneko Llanos is 34º to 6: 58, Clemente Alonso 42º to 10: 21
21:14 Cycling km 67,1 F The girls start the climb to Hawi, Charles leading with 5:11 on Haug, who leads the group and 6:55 on Ryf
21:09 Cycling km 67.1 H Patrick Lange leaves the race. Today has not been his day
21:08 Cycling km 67,1 H the climb to Hawi begins, with Frodeno, Amberger, Brownlee and O'Donnell and Claven in the lead
21:07 Cycling km 50 M Lucy Charles is head of the race with 3: 52 over Lauren Brandon. Daniela Ryf is 8º to 7 minutes
We have had technical problems, they are already solved
Swimming 3,8 F Lucy Charles first in the water, pulling 5: 18 to Daniela Ryf
Swimming 3,8 M Patrick Lange at 13, Eneko Llanos was 22nd, Clemente Alonso 23rd. Sebastian Kienle was leaving at 4:49
Swimming 3,8 M Josh Amberger first out of the water, followed by Frodeno and Brownlee at 5 seconds
19:08 Swimming 2 Alistair Brownlee and Lucy Charles are in the lead
18:25 Swimming 0 The test will start at 18: 25 PM (Spanish time)

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