5 Garmin gift ideas for this Christmas

We give you some ideas that can help you find the right gift for the triathlete

We present a selection of gift proposals tailored to your budget and your needs

This 2021 control your workouts in detail with GARMIN FORERUNNER 745


Designed for triathletes who need detailed training statistics and training sessions on the device.

With your FORERUNNER 745 You can record and measure all your sessions, as well as have statistics in which you can see data such as V02, training load and much more data

Multifunctional, small and light. You can find all the detailed information of the device in this link: https://buy.garmin.com/es-ES/ES/p/713363/pn/010-02445-10

Give something different: GARMIN INTELLIGENT SCALE


With the possibility of configure it for up to 16 different users smart scale from Garmin INDEX, gives you the data you need to track your progress and measure results.

You can measure weight, body mass index, body fat, water percentage, bone mass, skeletal muscle mass ... it also has a Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to synchronize the data with Garmin Connect.


GARMIN accessories

Do you want to change your GARMIN bracelet for another color? Do you need an accessory to be able to carry your GARMIN on your bike? Do you need a speed, cadence… sensor for your bike sessions? Do you look "smart"?

GARMIN offers you a lot of solutions that can be a nice touch for this 2021.

Find them in: https://buy.garmin.com/es-ES/ES/p/713363/pn/010-02445-10#accessories

 Tacx Boost, the roller for your indoor sessions

Tacx Boost, the Garmin trainer
Tacx Boost, the Garmin trainer

The best option to keep fit during the winter when the weather is adverse or our work hours do not allow us to go out with light.

The Rodillo ANT + Tacx Boost it is simple, inexpensive and silent - everything you need!

Find all the information in detail in this link:


GARMIN Christmas offers

In addition, Garmin has created a list of offers on its website to help you if your budget is tight.

Find them in: https://buy.garmin.com/es-ES/ES/c16964-p1.html?FILTER_FEATURE_GIFTONSALEEMEA=true

Which of them do you prefer?



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