We analyze the Druilabs FlexER Cream

Solution to reduce joint and muscle pain after training or competition

As we all know the correct recovery after exercise is one of keys to be able to perform better in the next training, so have an "ally" to be able to relax legs after a hard week or series session is something to be appreciated.

If in addition to this you add a plus that you can improve your joint and muscle flexibility, Thanks to its composition, it becomes a true "Must Have" that we should always find in the triathlete's closet.

Our friends Druilabsthey have sent us the FlexEr Cream so we can do some tests with him and see how he helps the athlete in the recovery and relief of muscle aches or pains.

In this article We already told you what components the cream had although we do a brief summary in addition to the indications for which it is recommended.

FlexER Cream act directly on those areas that you want to improve so much, reducing pain and inflammationy strengthening your joints, ligaments y tendons.

What can we use FlexER Cream for?

  • Reduce the pain
  • Effect anti-inflammatory
  • It favors the flexibility articular and muscular
  • Improve your Joints

In addition to reducing pain, it helps prevent future injuries from joint and muscle wear.

What ingredients do you have?

Druilabs have selected and combined various active ingredients in order to achieve the best efficacy for each one of them.

These are the components of the cream

Our tests

As it is indicated for the relief of muscle discomfort or areas where inflammation can be found, we have tried the cream in these situations.

  • After a hard training of series
  • After a load training week.

In both cases the absorption of the cream has been very good, with good touch y good feeling.

As for the smell, highlight that it is something strong (it gives a feeling of "healing"), although with all the people with whom we have shared they liked it

In the first case - Series Training

Its performance is similar to other creams in muscle recovery, as is the case of the RecovER that we tested a few months ago.

The smell, texture, feeling of freshness and muscle relaxation is greater with RecovER, however, FlexER has additional ingredients for those who suffer from some type of joint inflammation or tendons, as is our case.

In the second case - After a week of load training

This is where we have really noticed the difference with other creams that are only for recovery.

The person who tested FlexER in this case suffered more than ten years ago from partial ligament tear that he welded in the wrong way, and although in normal life it hardly gives him discomfort, in long runs of running on foot or in weeks of training load, the interior cruciate ligament swells causing discomfort and pain, depending on the training load .

During this week, FlexER has been a great ally to mitigate these annoyances tendon, probably when acting by deflating this tendon, which makes us think that its action on the joints will be similar.

Where can I buy it?

FlexER Cream can be purchased through the official website: https://druilabs.com/es/tienda/-flexer-cream2.html


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