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We analyze the BLACKROLL

The best known foam roller is a foam cylinder


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Material Quality




Ease of use


Recovery sensations


Price quality



  • Lightness
  • Ecological materials
  • Diversity of hardness, shapes and colors
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection


  • The Standard format can be narrow in corpulent people

If you do not know the use of Roller Foam For training we recommend that before you continue reading take a look at our previous article where we explain in detail what it is, how to use it, benefits and contraindications

El foam roller best known is a foam cylinder It comes in various formats in terms of hardness and surface (smooth or grated).

Next we tell you nyour experience with different products of BLACK ROLL that we have been using for a month, mainly to recover after training sessions but also in some workouts as an aid to warm up the muscle prior to exercise.

BLACKROLL offers a multitude of roller foam of different hardness, shape and size manufactured from an ecological perspective (environmentally friendly), free of chemicals and propellants.

Of all its products we have been able to use the BLACKROLL Standard, mini y ball.

Blackroll Standard

It has a cylindrical shape of 30x15cm and medium hardness.

It is the most frequent among athletes and physically active people without pathologies. Can be used on any muscle group and despite its light weight appearance, it is stiff enough to produce a pronounced massage with each pass over the muscle.

Our experience in both lower body and upper body muscles has been very satisfactory. The first days we controlled the pressure of each shoot based on the sensitivity in each part of the body and progressively the rest of the days we were able to increase this pressure with our own body weight.

For example, filming on the posterior leg muscles was a bit painful, so we did not exert extra pressure in the first week.

During the second week crossing a leg above the wheel we get more intensity in the shoot without reaching the pain.

We analyze the BLACKROLL

Además, we have used Blackroll Standar to warm up the lower body muscles prior to gym and race workouts, performing 20-30 seconds of taxiing at a speed of one second in each direction.

The feeling of starting the exercise with the previously activated muscle has been very satisfactory.

Blackroll Mini

The mini cylinder has a size of 15 × 5,3 cm which makes this Blackroll a ideal travel companion. Light, compact and useful for any muscle group

Its use is more focused on specific parts, so that you can better influence rolling on key points and allows the versatility of being used on the ground (plantar fascia), the wall (back muscles) or even a table (arm muscles).

We have used it mainly for foot (plantar fascia and instep) checking that the possibility of pressure is greater than with the Standard and much more comfortable to carry out.

We analyze the BLACKROLL

Blackroll ball

The Blackroll in sphere or ball format allows us higher precision, pressure and depth applications.

In our case we have used the ball for shooting on the gluteus and trapezius, since we needed extra pressure at localized points that we could not effectively reach with the cylindrical shapes.

Conclusion and recommendations

The roller foam of BLACKROLL we have found a material with good technical quality, versatile in terms of use and practically universal As for potential users, except pathologies that should be consulted with professionals.

Therefore, whether you are an athletic or physically active person, we recommend that you try to use it mainly as a method to aid muscle recovery.

Regarding the model and size, our recommendation is to have a large format (Blackroll Standard for example) and a small one, so that you can cover large muscle groups and more localized points, as well as carry it in your competitions.

You can see more exercise videos on their own website click


  1. Lightness
  2. Ecological materials
  3. Diversity of hardness, shapes and colors
  4. Easy cleaning and disinfection


  1. The format Standard it can be narrow in corpulent people

Overall evaluation

  1. Lightness 9 / 10
  2. Material quality 9/10
  3. Stability of the material 9/10
  4. Ease of use 9/10
  5. Recovery sensations 8/10
  6. Value for money 9/10
Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes
Dra. Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport

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