Plan, record and analyze your workouts thanks to POLAR FLOW

We tell you how to install your application both on your Smartphone and computer

POLAR has positioned itself as a benchmark in GPS for the triathlete thanks to its latest launches of the “VANTAGE” range, where we can find 3 models: Vantage M, Vantage V y Vantage V2 (* include hyperlinks to purchase with affiliate TN)

From Triathlon News we tell you how install your app both on your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) and computer (PC or Mac) so that, in a simple, and totally intuitive way, You can record all your workouts and thus be able to analyze the data in order to get the most out of your VANTAGE.

 First Steps

First of all, as soon as you turn on your POLAR you will find on the screen some simple steps that you must follow for its correct configuration.

First you will choose the language and from there you can go "customizing" according to your tastes.

On the other hand, your VANTAGE will require some data such as age, weight and height ... necessary information so that the Vantage software can offer you the results with the maximum precision on your performance in certain activities / tests.

Installing the POLAR FLOW app

You can connect your VANTAGE device to POLAR FLOW both to your mobile (iOS or Android) and to your PC / MAC.

For mobile devices or smartphone

For iPhone or iPad

You will have to enter APP STORE and download it to your iPhone or iPad

Polar Flow APP STORE
Polar Flow APP STORE
For Android

Enter GOOGLE PLAY and download directly to your Android mobile or Tablet.

Polar Flow APP Google Pay
Polar Flow APP Google Pay
For PC or MAC devices

On POLAR's own website you can find in this link  the option to download the software for both your PC or MAC

Polar Flow installation
Polar Flow installation

Once you enter the link you will see the two options: PC and Mac

download Polar Flow
download Polar Flow

You accept the installation, select the folder where you want to install it and once the process is finished it will run automatically on your PC or MAC

The first thing it will ask you to do is connect your VANTAGE

Connect Polar VANTAGE to Polar Flow
Connect Polar VANTAGE to Polar Flow

In the event of an error, your VANTAGE V may have a new version of software (free) that you have not updated.

Failure to Connect Polar VANTAGE to Polar Flow
Failure to Connect Polar VANTAGE to Polar Flow

To update it, if you have already downloaded the App on your mobile (if you cannot do it in the link that appears at the top of the article), you will only have to synchronize it with your Vantage, and it will update automatically.It's easier than ever!

And once your VANTAGE has been updated after synchronizing it with your mobile, you reconnect it to the PC and it will synchronize correctly

Correct installation Polar VANTAGE to Polar Flow
Correct installation Polar VANTAGE to Polar Flow

You already have POLAR FLOW installed so that you can enjoy all the functionalities and download all the data you need for your training sessions in a totally simple and intuitive way!

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