Comobity the APP of the DGT for the safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

This APP informs the rest of the users of its presence in order to adopt the necessary measures to carry out a safe driving.


The Directorate General of Traffic has created an APP called 'Comobity', with the aim of offering safer mobility for all road users with special cyclists and pedestrians.

The 'app' allows drivers, cyclists and pedestrians who circulate on one track to inform other users of their presence in order to adopt the necessary measures to carry out safe driving.

Users connected to this APP may notify the rest of the location of their vehicle when it is immobilized as a result of an accident, breakdown or any other incident.

Comobity allows the driver to adapt beforehand in a safe way, avoiding potential risk situations and offering protection to vulnerable users. In addition, the application will inform in real time of any incident on the road, whether traffic, works or weather, in short, prevent accidents, improve the status of the road and finally, ensure a more comfortable and safe trip.

This new service is the first step towards intelligent mobility based on new technologies, in which all the actors that intervene jointly and collaboratively, users (pedestrian, driver, cyclist ...), cars and the mobility manager , providing information in real time so that trips are safe and efficient to make Vision Zero a reality (0 injured, 0 congestion and 0 emissions).

The application is simple, intuitive, anonymous and free for both Android and IOS and the use of Comobity does not require the intervention of the user, only, at the beginning of the journey, the user of the same has to select if he is a user-driver, user- cyclist or user-pedestrian.

Comobity can be used on any road and will inform the user through voice notices, avoiding any interference in driving.

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