Garmin Swim 2: nothing anywhere, train anywhere

Garmin presents the new and expected smartwatch specifically developed for swimming enthusiasts: Swim ™ 2

In swimming pools or open waters, it doesn't matter where you train, because with this new device you will have total control of the activity.

A new version of its famous Swim device that combines a functional design with state-of-the-art features that allow both swimming enthusiasts and professionals to carry out an advanced control of water activity.

So, with just 36 grams and a sphere of 42 mm, the new device has a full color display 26 mm and 201 dpi in which to see clearly the data of your widgets, even in environments of great light intensity.


With your garmin swim 2 smart watch you can swim and train anywhere. use it in the pool or in open water to monitor your heart rate from the wrist, track distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type and stroke distance; the garmin swim ...

 Heart rate under water in the wrist

Specifically, thanks to its submersible capacity of up to 5 ATM, this new device allows you to carry out an advanced control of the activity, both in the pool and in open water.

In this way, it monitors the heart rate under water directly from the wrist, without the need for a chest band.

 Advanced stroke control

To provide the data with the greatest precision, Swim ™ 2 is equipped with an accelerometer that detects arm movements and is responsible for measuring three basic data: number of strokes, number of lengths and type of stroke.

In turn, an algorithm based on turn detection determines when each length ends and the distance is calculated based on the size of the pool and the number of lengths made.

All of the above is complemented to provide the swimmer with the most important and valuable information, preventing him from being forced to count his lengths or strokes.

Registration of exercises and personalized training

Swim ™ 2 is able to record the distance traveled, the pace used, the speed, the number of strokes, the type of stroke and even the swolf score.

A parameter that performs a calculation based on the strokes made plus the time invested in each length. In this way, the athlete will know its effectiveness and can set new goals to reduce it as much as possible.

To all this is added its ability to store technical exercises and timed series, and carry out personalized workouts.

Similarly, it includes a new Auto Rest function and rhythm alerts, which makes it the perfect companion for all swimming levels.

Swimming in open water

Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Now, with this new version it is also possible to record the activity in open water.

For this, Swim ™ 2 uses GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO simultaneously, which make it possible to have the location with total accuracy via satellite, in addition to knowing the distance and speed of the stroke of the stroke.

Garmin Connect ™

Through Garmin Connect ™, the swimmer can store, analyze and share their records, activities and brands with many other athletes.

At the same time, it will participate in a community where it is possible to have access to more than 20 millions of activities spread all over the world.

Similarly, it is an ideal tool to create training goals and send them directly to the device.

Once the activities are completed, the goals will be recorded both on the computer and on Garmin Connect ™ and, if the user wishes, they can share content on their social networks. Garmin Connect is free and available for computers and smartphones (iOS and Android).

Much more than swimming

With Swim ™ 2, Garmin has gone much further. So much so, that it is perfect for a healthy life, by including many of the benefits offered by the company's latest smartwatches.

In addition to controlling steps, calories and minutes of intensity, it performs advanced sleep monitoring and is able to measure stress continuously, breathing and even energy through Body Battery ™.

To do this, it uses a combination of stress data, heart rate variability, sleep and activity to calculate energy reserves at any time.

To all of the above, it adds its advanced connectivity and its capabilities as a smart watch, since Swim ™ 2 receives smart notifications, calls and incoming messages from a compatible phone for it is connected in real time.

 For its part, when training out of the water, it also becomes the ideal companion to carry out other sports disciplines such as running, cycling and cardio activities.

Customization and compatibility

Available in black and white, it can be customized by changing spheres and through easily interchangeable straps.

In addition, it is compatible with the Garmin HRM Swim chest strap, which allows for even more precise control of pulsations.

Finally, it offers a range of 72 hours in pool mode plus pulse control (OHR), 13 hours when GPS is activated plus OHR and 7 days when only used as a smartwatch.

Garmin Swim 2- Smart watch, white

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With your garmin swim 2 smart watch you can swim and train anywhere. use it in the pool or in open water to monitor your heart rate from the wrist, track distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type and stroke distance; the garmin swim ...

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