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Addsfit Elite Massage Gun

An excellent quality / price solution

The brand of massage guns ADDSFIT has positioned itself as one of the benchmarks in this type of percussion technology.

Thanks to the various models of massage guns it has (Max, Mini, Elite and Mini Pro) it covers all the demands that an athlete may have,

His latest release has been the ELITE model, You can read our review in this article, offering the athlete an excellent value for money since it costs only € 149 (RRP)

This model it only weighs 640 grams and has 4 speeds operating speed (1.600 / 2.100 / 2.600 / 3.100 RPM) being able to reach up to 12 mm of deep tissue.

One person using the Addsfit Elite Massage Gun
One person using the Addsfit Elite Massage Gun

It also has several silicone heads, a type 15 charger and a duration of 15 hours without the need to charge.

In this video you can see the Unboxing of this model so that you get an idea of ​​how it is


Why choose the ADDSFIT ELITE?

Without a doubt, He ADDSFIT ELITE is a great option and has a Great value for the price and a reduced size making it more portable

Where to buy?

THE ADDSFIT ELITE can be purchased through the following links_

Official Website https://www.addsfit.com/products/addsfit-elite-massage-gun

10% discount code: addsfit25 


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