RecovER Cream, the efficient solution for triathlete muscle recovery

It has been formulated with a selection of natural ingredients that provide the necessary active ingredients to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention

RecovER Cream de Druilabs it is muscle recovery cream It is designed for all those triathletes who perform daily training and that stands out for its natural ingredients.


RecovER Cream has been formulated with a natural ingredients selection which provide the necessary active ingredients to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention

 Some of its ingredients are Magnesium, Grape Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Rosemary Oil, Menthol, Comfrey Extract among others

RecovER Composition


 Thanks to its combination of ingredients this cream works by promoting muscle relaxation while stimulating the elimination of toxins and oxygenation in trained muscle groups.

You have to highlight your recovery action during nighttime sleep. What makes it ideal for use after a good workout and help you be ready for the next.


Recommended use it after training, the feeling it offers is freshness and relaxation, to be able to notice its effects this application has to be continuous, something that can become a basic routine and at the same time necessary as stretching, which It helps us recover faster giving the possibility of assimilating a greater number of training sessions.

RecovER Cream It is the best ally for triathletes who want to improve recovery processes after exercise and avoid possible injuries.

What will you notice if you use RecovER Cream regularly?

  • Optimize recovery
  • Prevents muscle injuries
  • Avoid cramps
  • Relaxing and refreshing effect

If you want to know how our experience was when the we test in first person You can find the entire article on the web.

Further information:

PVPr: 19,20 euros. 

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