We analyze the Nimbus 26, the premium model of the Asics brand

With notable improvements over its predecessor, the Asics NIMBUS 26 eIt's the top-of-the-range shoe within its segment that offers maximum comfort and cushioning.

A model where you get the best performance in long runs and regenerative training, being the premium options of the Japanese brand.

With an attractive design and unbeatable comfort, as well as top-quality materials and finishes, the NIMBUS 26 stands out mainly for these three details:

  • Su cushioningThanks to its PureGEL technology which absorbs impacts, reducing pressure on joints and the FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam, giving extra cushioning for harder surfaces
  • Its great stability thanks mainly to increases the width of its sole by 4mm, the ankle support with padding and its top-of-the-range tongue.
  • Su versatility, thanks to its support offered by its HYBRID ASICSGRIP technology, improving traction and offering greater durability that is suitable for more types of terrain and is also a shoe that, despite being designed for training, we can use perfectly in competition.

With this new release also ASICS has taken into account some of the “criticisms” regarding its predecessor (Nimbus 25) on the issue of “breathability”, including some improvements that are appreciated:

  • Su template OrthoLite X-55 offering better moisture control
  • At the top it has also improved its technical fabric elastic knit that, in addition to comfort, offers greater breathability.

Interesting Facts

Other notable details could be the reflective strips they include to provide visibility at night and their commitment to the environment, using recyclable material in part of the shoe.

Male model

  • Price: 200€
  • Weight: 305 grams
  • Drop: 8 mm

Model Woman

  • Price: 200€
  • Weight: 260 grams
  • Drop: 8 mm

 Punctuation in Spanish

  • Comfort 10
  • 10 design
  • Damping 10
  • Breathability 8
  • Stability 9


Ideal for those who They are looking for comfort and stability for their long training runs. or regenerative training, of course the brand's premium model for this.

How to Live Aligned with point to improve, and after testing them in a long run in relative heat, we believe that there could still be a small margin in the issue of “breathability” for hot or humid days, or perhaps they could simply design the same model in a “summer” version, with a insole and upper fabric with greater breathability for summer training.

At the level of design and quality of the materials seem spectacular to us, where they have taken care of every detail, both in the sole, shoe fabric, ankle adjustment and tongue... we do not see a single detail to improve.

Nimbus 26 is a model designed for neutral runners and supinators looking for stability and that they run at medium paces and, as we said before, ideal for long shoots, calm rhythms or regenerative training.

We found it lovely.

Where to buy?

The Nimbus 26 Asics You can find them at the following links:

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