The Zwift Academy Tri is back, aimed at triathletes of all levels

Zwift announced last August the return of ZwiftAcademy, the largest training program on the platform that is also known for its inclusiveness.

Now and as part of Zwift Academy, the platform activates the program again Zwift Academy Tri, intended for lovers and practitioners of triathlon.

The program is designed so that triathletes of all levels can join and train alongside users from all over the world. In addition, this year the program returns with new training plans and new functionalities so that each triathlete manages to surpass his personal mark.

Starts October 18, 2021

Zwift Academy Tri will officially begin on October 18, 2021.

The Zwifters will complete a series of ten workouts, and new to this edition, two benchmarking races in running, the Baseline Run and Finish Line Run, and two in cycling, the Baseline Ride and Finish Line Ride.

These events, which are a mandatory requirement if graduating, will give Zwifters the opportunity to see their progress through the program, attempt a new personal best, and see how their effort in training programs translates into better performance. competition.

2 distances

This year there will be two distance options for both cycling and running, 20 km or 40 km and 5 km or 10 km respectively.

Another novelty this year is the option to choose between short and long running workouts, which allow you to decide which training load of the program is appropriate for each level.

The short workouts last between 25 and 35 minutes and are a condensed version of the long ones, ideal for new runners, less experienced triathletes, or athletes with little time.

On the other hand, long workouts last 40 to 60 minutes with longer intervals, designed for seasonal triathletes who return and seek to improve their speed and endurance.

At stake being part of the Zwift Academy Run Team.

Participants who manage to graduate will be eligible to be chosen to be part of the Zwift Academy Run Team.

The winners will receive support from recognized professionals in the industry and will be in the process of preparing a trip to Kona.

Graduating means completing the ten structured workouts, which must be in their long version in the case of running, in addition to performing the Baseline Run and Ride, and the Finish Line Run and Ride, which are scheduled events and can be found in the calendar of events.

More on how to qualify for a spot on the ZA Tri Team is located here.

Registration for this edition of Zwift Academy Tri is now open, and the program will take place between October 18 and December 13, 2021.

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