Mario Mola best personal mark and tenth in the 3.000 meters of the Ciutat de Barcelona International Meeting

He has achieved his personal best in the distance with 8: 02.38

Today the triple world champion Mario Mola has participated in the Ciutat de Barcelona International Meeting over the distance of 3.000 meters on the track.

After the good performances that this atypical season has had on the track, the Mallorcan triathlete wanted to put his heels back on, competing again on the distance.

He did it in Majorca where he achieved a mark of 8: 07.82, later he participated in two other 5.000-meter competitions. One in Castellón (13:41) where he got the minimum for the Spanish Championship and then give the Madrid final where he was ninth with 14:01

Today's test started at 20:50 p.m. with 13 athletes on the starting line

After a first null start, the competition started with a strong rhythm. Mario in the first laps stayed in the middle of the group trying not to lose contact with the front.

On the eighth lap a gap was opened and little by little he also dropped from the second group passing in the 11th position on the last lap

Finally, Mario has been tenth in the test with a time of 8: 02.38, where he has won Ouassim Oumaiz Errouch with a time of 7: 40.62. 

Second has been Elzan Bibic (7: 43.18) and third Mohamed Katir El Haouzi (7.44.13)


Pto. Name Result
1 Ouassim Oumaiz Errouch 7:40.62
2 Elzan Bibic 7:43.18
3 Mohamed Katir El Haouzi 7:44.13
4 Abdessamad Oukhelfen Ben Haddou 7:45.24
5 Sean Tobin 7:45.46
6 Nassim Hassaous Garcia 7:45.90
7 Lahcen Ait Alibou Ouahda 7:57.10
8 Santiago Catrofe Cacharron 7:57.28
9 Jesus Ramos Reviejo 7:58.42
10 Mario Mola Diaz 8:02.38
11 Paul Robinson 8:03.74

This year he will continue to compete in athletics, although he does not rule out Triathlon

Mario, in an interview, already told us that this year he was continue competing in athletics events and even a 10 k, although it may be that he competes in a triathlon like the Valencia World Cup they just announced their new date.


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