What is phase 0,5 and how does it affect the practice of sport?

This phase is halfway between Phase 0 and Phase 1 relief measures.

This coming May 18, the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and Madrid will not go to Phase 1 and will remain in Phase 0, as announced by Minister Illa at a press conference.

This phase had been proposed by the Generalitat and was halfway between the Phase 0 and relief measures from the 1 Phase.

Finally this phase has not been approved

Today the minister Salvador Illa has communicated the provinces that will pass to Phase 1 of the de-escalation, while the Community of Madrid and the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona will remain in Phase 0.

You can check in the following link the new Phase 0 measures

These were the measures that were proposed in Phase 0,5

What did you want to allow in phase 0,5?

  • It is allowed to open the commercial activity without an appointment and with capacity limitations.
  •  I start the administrative activity of schools and educational centers.
  • Libraries and museums could reopen to the public for a third of their occupation.

What is not allowed?

  • Start up the terraces of the bars, to avoid crowds.
  • Hold ten person meetings, such as phase 1
  • Visits to relatives within the same province, something that is also contemplated in regions that have already passed the phase.

And with sports, does it affect us in anything?

In Phase 0.5 preventive measures on sport remain as in Phase 0,

  • Ftime slots for federated athletes and general citizenship
  • The DAN y BUT, no time limit
  • Athletes federated can train 2 times a day (in the established bands)
  • Se would allow the reopening of the High Performance Centers.

These are the measures that are currently applied in all phases

Athlete type Times you can train Time zones limitations Accreditation
Profile Unlimited No hours Province License #
High level Unlimited No hours Province High level certificate
National Interest Unlimited No hours Province High level certificate
Federated 2 times a day Established stripes town hall License #
Not Federated Once a day Established stripes town hall No

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