Victor del Corral and Lisa Roberts win the Challenge Madrid

In a disputed test Victor has won the victory

A record edition of the Challenge Madrid, where more than 1.100 trialtetas have taken the exit between the two distances of the competition.

This year Challenge Madrid has brought many new features such as the Date change, route and the inclusion of medium distance test

At the starting line were trial tits of the stature of Timothy Timothy Van Houten, winner of the last two editions, Pablo Dapena, second last year, Alejandro Santamaría, Domenico Passuello, Iván Alvaréz or Víctor del Corral who participated in the test after Ironman Wales.

The test began at 8: 15 in the morning with the 3,8 km of swimming in the San Juan Swamp where Pablo Dapena was the first to leave the water with 32 seconds ahead of Pakillo Fernández Cortes and 4: 30 over Ramón Ejeda. The rest of the favorites went to 10 more than 10 minutes from Dapena.

In the first kilometers of the cycling segment Pablo suffered a puncture that forced him to retire.

Offside in @challengemd A prick while driving on the shoulder sends me to the box.
A pity since the advantage over the main favorites was much more than I thought.
This does not end here, tomorrow we will continue to fight for our goals

- Pablo Dapena Gonzale (@pablitopiny) September 22, 2019

The 2 times test winner Timothy Van Houten was also forced to withdraw from the test due to a fall.

At that moment Pakillo took the lead of the test followed by Passuello and Corral with 2 minutes of disadvantage.

In the passage through kilometer 100 of the Domenico Passuelo test it was first followed by Victor del Corral a little more than 2 minutes. Pakillo passed to third place at 8 minutes from the Italian.

In the final part of the segment, Víctor was cutting distance to the Italian to overtake him and reach T2 with almost a minute of advantage. Joan Nadal left the bike in third place 10 minutes behind Víctor.

When passing through the second checkpoint, Victor was already passing Xuelx minutes to Passuello and 8 to Joan Nadal who was cutting time for the Italian.

After halfway through, Victor was still the leader with Joan Nadal second to 8 minutes.

With a great race on foot and maintaining the distances finally Víctor del Corral got the victory in a time of 8: 52: 52.  Joan Nadal (9: 0016) has been second and Domenico Passuello (09: 07; 21) third.

As for the rest of the favorites Ivan Alvarez has been 7th and Alejandro Santamaría 8 º

From Embrunman to Challenge Madrid

With this victory Victor has returned to the podium after having achieved third place in the Embrunman last August,

Female test

In the women's category, the first one out of the water was Josie Rawes with 40 seconds ahead of Verena Walter and almost 3 with Lisa Roberts.

Already on the bike Lisa Roberts gradually left to go through the second control point with 50 seconds ahead of Miriam Van Reijen and 13 over Verena Walter.

Roberts continued to increase his lead to reach T2 6 minutes ahead of Van Riejen.

Finally Lisa Roberts arrived alone at T2 with 5 minutes ahead of Verena Walter.

In passing through the second checkpoint, Roberts increased his lead to 7 minutes and headed for victory.

Lisa Roberts He continued to increase his advantage to reach the finish line alone with a time of 10:04:36. The second classified has been  Miriam Van Riejen  (10:13:21) followed by Verena Walter (10: 17: 59) in third position

Pello Osoro and Rocío Escudero take the victory in the middle distance

The medium distance test that has been played simultaneously to the long one has given us two Spanish winners.

In the male category, victory has been for Pello Osoro with a time of 4: 09: 10 followed by Ariel Hernández (4: 17: 45) and for Javier Martín Morales (4: 25: 45)

As for the women, the winner has been Eva Valero with a final time of 4: 54: 39 followed by Rocío Escudero (5: 21: 31) and for Marta Horrillo (5: 29: 35) occupying the third final position.

On Monday, September 23, the organization disqualified Eva Valero as she did one less lap of the circuit. This is the official statement of the test

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