Will Jan Frodeno return to the Competition? 

The recent announcement of the birth of the new circuit T100 Triathlon World Tour by the PTO, a turning point is marked for many triathletes, who are betting on this circuit. 

This circuit thatand will bring together the 40 best professional triathletes in the world will span eight locations around the world.  

This announcement has generated a wave of enthusiasm within the triathletic community, highlighting the reaction of Jan Frodeno, who retired from professional triathlon last year, expressed in Instagram his fear of missing the event, thus hinting at a possible return to competition. 

“Fair to say the fear of missing out is real after the @professionaltriathletesorg T100 World Tour announcement. Can I get a wildcard to travel the world again @emma_snowsill? “The German commented.  

The possibility that Frodeno accept an invitation to compete again, especially after his victory in the Milwaukee PTO Open last season, has sparked all kinds of speculation.  

At 42 years Frodeno He has repeatedly proven that he is still a world-class athlete, which begs the question: Can he compete professionally once again? 

We will have to wait to know the answer.  

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