Decathlon warns that a failure in one of its bicycles can cause accidents

If you have the bike, go to the nearest store

The company asks that they go with the bike to their nearest store to proceed with the repair, quickly and free of charge

As reported by Ideal diary, Decathlon has reported a problem detected in one of its BTWIN folding bikes.

What bike has the fault?

Decathlon warns that a fault in one of its bicycles can cause accidents, image002-11
folding bike BTWIN version Tilt 900decath

This is the Tilt 900 version, sold in lots between August 1, 2019 and October 21, 2019, with reference 2606266.

The failure can cause accidents.

One of the handlebar screws is not well attached, and with use it can loosen and move, causing the user to fall.

What to do if I have this bike?

The OCU reflects that Decathlon has appealed to customers who were able to buy this product between August 1 and October 21.

The company asks that go with the bike to your nearest store to proceed to repair, quickly and free.

If you have this bike, go as soon as possible to solve the problem with the screws that hold the handlebar bar and avoid problems.

According to Decathlon, the bicycle will be removed from the market.

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