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Carlos López hit by a driver who invaded the opposite lane by looking at the mobile

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Today the triathlete, who was classified for Kona, has suffered a collision when a vehicle invaded the opposite lane. Carlos has suffered a rupture of the internal rough and several sprains

Carlos has published the following on social networks

Carlos Lopez Díaz in the hospital

«It can be said that today I am born again. A driver looking at the mobile has gotten into my lane and I have ended up flying through the air ... The result is a rupture of the 15cm internal thickness, two fingers with a sprain and a cervical sprain.
In addition, rupture of the ligament, meniscus and lateral ligament must be ruled out with resonance.

I thank you for being alive… and I promise to come back stronger than ever! In this life what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ?? »

The triathlete who was classified for the Ironman World Championship has a difficult time participating, where we are awaiting his results. From Triathlon News we wish you a quick recovery

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