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Emilio Aguayo 6º in the Ironman 70.3 European Championship

The Valencian adds valuable points in order to achieve the classification for the IM 70.3 World Cup

This morning the second edition of the Ironman 70.3 by Elsinore in Denmark, proves that it was alsol European distance championship, with what the winners got 1.500 KPR points, that is, the maximum score of an 70.3 test if we except the world. In the men's category the victory was for the American Rodolphe Van Berg with a time of 3: 40: 22, followed by the British Adam Bowden that has been proclaimed European champion of IM 70.3 with 3: 40: 42 and the Belgian Bart Aernouts with 3: 44: 38

The day dawned with rain and something cold. Adam Bowden was the first to cover the 1.900m swim with a time of 22: 08, giving time to a group of five units with the great favorite Michael Realert and Von Berg ultimately winning, the group closed it Emilio Aguayo, while Miquel Blanchart arrived at the T1 in 21ª position more than 2 and further back made it Aernouts. Four of the five members of the leading group rode together during the first kilometers of cycling, interspersed in the first positions Von Berg and Realert, with Aguayo stuck to them in fourth position.

Behind Bart Aernouts he was climbing positions, passing several triathletes and placing fifth at km 40, 2' behind the leading four. In the second part of the cycling segment, Raelert and Von Berg were on their own, escaping to T2 with 1'45” over a great Emilio Aguayo which was third. Fourth was Adam Bowden, 10” from the Valencian and fifth was Aernouts, one minute away. Miquel Blanchart for his part got off the bike in 27th position, more than 15 ′ from the head of the race.

In the first kilometers of the race on foot, Von Berg was left alone in the lead, while from behind Bowden went all out and passed km 5 just 40” behind the leader. Aguayo maintained the third position, with Wild and Aernouts cutting time. At km 8 Bowden hunted Von Berg and together they had a nice duel.

At km 15 Bowden led the race with a 20” lead over Von Berg but in the last kilometers the American Von Berg closed the gap and took the win by just 2” difference. The British Adam Bowden it was second and third the Belgian Aernotus to more than 4'. Fourth place was for Ruedi suido, fifth for Max Neuman and sixth for a great Emilio Aguayo, 6'16” behind the winner. for his part Miquel Blanchart ended in 20 position over 19 'of the winner.

Top 6 men's race

1 Rodolphe Von Berg 3:40:22
2 Adam Bowden 3:40:52
3 Bart Aernouts 3:44:38
4 Ruedi Wild 3:44:46
5 Max Neumann 3:46:11
6 Emilio Aguayo 3:46:39

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