Saleta Castro: "At 2018 I want to go back to Kona and do the race of my life there"

The Galician triathlete finished a brilliant 2017 year, with three top5 in the three Ironmans played: 1ª in Maastrich, 4ª in Malaysia and 5ª in Lanzarote.

Saleta Castro continues to grow year by year, and this season has taken another step, achieving his first victory at the Ironman circuit. It was in the month of August in the Ironman of Maastrich, one of its main objectives of the year that fulfilled a triumph in the Dutch city. He later closed the year with his 15º Ironman, the Malaysian, with a meritorious 4ª position and fighting for the podium until the final kilometers of the Marathon.

In the next test we will know a little better how his season has been, what were his best moments, etc ... Also your favorite places to compete and next year's goals. 

2017 Summary:

I had a good season, fulfilling one more dream, which was to win an Ironman. I am happy with the season I had but I am very keen to keep improving and start working hard to achieve better results. It was also my first year at the Itzu TriTeam and thanks to the support of the team, the sponsors and my coach Luc Van Lierde I was able to achieve the objectives set.

Saleta Castro winning the Ironman Mastric


Outside Spain ITZU TRI-TEAM. In Spain the Cidade de Lugo Fluvial.




Luc Van Lierde

Best 2017 competition:

IM Maastricht

Hardest competition or most difficult moment:

IM Lanzarote, when I had a flat tire at km 85.

Saleta Castro cycling

Better swimming 207:

IM Maastricht 51'49”

Best 2017 cycling:

5h20 'IM Malaysia

Best 2017 walking race:

3h 14 'IM Maastricht.

Favorite swimming:

The swimming that I liked the most was the IM of Hawaii. And if it is a place to train where I like to swim, it is in the reservoir of verduced in Pontevedra.

Preferred cycling:

I love the circuit of the IM of Lanzarote and to train "the return to the valley" in Pontevedra.

Favorite running race:

In competition, the one I liked the most is Maastricht and to train my city Pontevedra on the banks of the Lerez river.

Favorite competition:

IM Lanzarote

Best hobby:

What I like the most is the feeling of being busted but still go out to train and do the best workout of the year or go down to run in an Ironman as if you had not done anything before and pass the km30 and feel that you can still more. That rush you feel for me is like a drug that makes me want to continue day after day. And if you mean what I like most about 3, I like 3 that's why I do triathlon;).


Saleta Castro running race


2018 objectives:

Be back in Kona.

Race that you would like to run in 2018 that you have not been able to run yet:

 IM Philippines.

A wish for 2018:

 Make the career of my life in Kona.

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