Ivan Raña third in the Ironman Cozumel coming down from 8 hours.

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With this position he is "virtually" qualified for Kona 2018

A few minutes ago the Ironman of Cozumel, where Galician Ivan Raña has been 3º in his "talisman country"

Ivan Raña he has done it again, getting his umpteenth great result in Mexico, this time being 3º in the Ironman from Cozumel thanks to a great comeback in the running race which helps him to certify mathematically his classification for the World of Hawaii Ironman 2018.

The race started with the 3.800m of swimming, a segment that was very fast due to the currents and where the American Jarrod Shoemaker was the first to complete with a time of 39: 17 and next to him he left Ivan Frog at 2”. To more than 1 'of them the French Chevrot was third in the T1 and further back to 2 ' Frog it was a large group with Sebastian Kienle y Albert Brown. Frog made a great transition and was placed leader at the beginning of the cycling segment.

From the first kilometers the great favorite, Kienle imposed a pace that no one could follow, was placed leader and arrived at the T2 with an income of more than 5 'on the second classified, the Swiss Weiss. Meanwhile Ivan Frog it was 8º at the start of the marathon, more than 18 ' Kienle The rest of Spanish PROs, Albert Moreno got off the bike in 12º place and Victor Stream in the 14ª position.

Little by little "the soldier Raña" was going up positions, in the 7 km of the marathon it was already 6º and in the 14 km 4º was placed. Frog He passed the half marathon in podium positions, with a time of 1:19 in the first 21km at a pace of less than 3'50” per km. for his part Victor Stream he was also climbing positions in the marathon, passing the average in top10 positions, while Moreno It was 11º.

Finally the victory was for the German Sebastian Kielen with a time of 7: 48: 11 who broke the barrier of the 8 hours for the sixth time in his life, being the only triathlete who has achieved it five and six times. In second place came the Swiss Michael White (a former cyclist who tested positive a few years ago) with a 7 time: 53: 27 and third a huge Ivan Frog with 7: 58: 39.

Meanwhile Victor Stream finished 7º with a time of 8: 18: 15, his best mark of always in his debut in category PRO. For its part Albert Moreno he managed to finish his first Ironman in the 11 position.

Men's Classification


2nd MICHAEL WEISS 7:53:27

3rd IVÁN RAÑA 7:58:39

7º VICTOR ARROYO 8: 18: 15

11º ALBERT MORENO 8: 32: 19

As far as women's competition is concerned, the victory went to the American team Lisa Roberts with a time of 8: 54: 00, followed by the Canadian Kirsty Jahn at 4'26” and third the German S. Tajscih at 6'52”.

Photo: @MMRBikes

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