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Javier Gómez Noya sweeps the Ironman 70.3 Barcelona

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The Galician triathlete has dominated the test from start to finish in a test that was a test for his debut in the Ironman of Cairns on June 10

Today, in the Catalan town of Calella, a new edition of the Ironman 70.3 Barcelona where more than 2.800 triathletes have participated

Javier Gómez Noya He has fulfilled the forecasts and has achieved victory in the medium distance test, with 1.900 meters of swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, 90 kilometers of truly demanding cycling on the interior roads of Montseny, with a positive drop of 1.200 meters and 21 kilometers by the promenade.

Among the favorites for victory were the recent winner of the IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella, the Scottish David McNameeas well as Swedish Patrik Nilssonthe Belgian Bart Aernouts, the French Bertrand Billard and the australian Cameron Wurf, Among others.

Video output ironman 70.3 barcelona

The test began at 7 in the morning, where the first to get out of the water was Noya followed just a second later by Adam Bowden. Already from the beginning of the 90 km of cycling, Noya showed his great level of form increasing the differences with respect to the rest of triathletes passing by km 19 of cycling with a 1 minute advantage.

cycling video Javier Gómez Noya

Noya remained in the lead for the rest of the sector to reach the T2 leader with a 38 second advantage over the Belgian Bart Aertnouts with a great comeback since he came out of the water with about 4 minutes of disadvantage over Noya and David McNamee

Video T2

Already in the 21 km walking race Noya was unrivaled as she increased her lead from the start to go through kilometer 11 with 1:33 over McNamee and almost 3 over Aertnouts

Finally Javier Gómez Noya got the victory in the test with a time of 4:01:08, followed by David McNamee (4: 04: 46) and for Bart Aertnouts (4:06:40) occupying third place on the podium.

Video goal Javier Gómez Noya

Noya's partials: Swimming: 22:31, Cycling 2:25:26, Running: 1:10:08

Men's Classification

1 Javier Gomez 4: 01: 39
2 David McNamee 4: 04: 46
3 Bart Aernouts 4: 06: 40
4 Etienne Diemunsch 4: 08: 33
5 Adam Bowden 4: 08: 53
6 Elliot Smales 4: 12: 22
7 Andreas Giglmayr 4: 13: 59
8 Arnaud Guilloux 4: 15: 41
9 Tobias Drachler 4: 16: 04
10 Milan Brons 4: 16: 21

As for the women's event, the first to come out of the water was the Norwegian Annie Thoren followed by Fenella Langride and Camila Pedersen.

In the Langride cycling sector, he took the lead and dominated the race until km 70 where it was reached by Camila Pedersen and Emma Pallant. Finally, Pedersen reached T2 with a 1 minute advantage over Pallant and Langride.

In the walking sector of 21 km, Emma Pallant He went up the distance to reach the lead of the race in the first 2 kilometers of the race, leaving alone to achieve victory in a time of 4:32:54.

The second to enter the finish line was Fenella Langride (4: 39: 04) while Eva Wutti (3: 39.29) with a great comeback finished in third position

Photos and videos @ironmanlive

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