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Javier Gómez Noya reveals where he will try his classification for #kona2018

The Galician triathlete has revealed in the tests in which he will participate in the 2018

Javier Gómez Noya has announced in an interview to the voice of Galicia, his plans for the next season where he will make his debut in the distance Ironman

Noya comments, that almost as important as the ironman of Kona, the 13 of October, will be his qualifying test: «The ideal would be between June and the beginning of July. Is it so NiceFrankfurt:  Cairns (Australia), which climate could be interesting for Hawaii ... ».

Where will you have to improve to compete at a high level at Ironman?

If I want to win a level ironman, I have to win it in the marathon. Other big ones would win on the bike, but I have to do it running, be good enough on a bike and swim, to get on foot with options. That's the kind of race for which I'm going to train.

The pressure of Hawaii

I have no doubt that people will demand that I win Hawaii the first time, but it's something that nobody has done (laughs). All the winners of Hawaii before winning that race have a baggage. with victories and important podiums, and I in the best case I will arrive with an ironman behind my back. The challenge is more complicated than many people think. The ironman is very unknown, but that gives me an extra incentive.

The training

Noya will move less to train in a site, but will not have a quiet season to Hawaii. According to comments will participate in several 70.3 as preparation, including that world, and many tests as training, perhaps some Olympic distance.

What image do you rescue from the 2017?

The last 500 meters of the Chattanooga World ... Down the last hill, to know that I already won ... It fulfilled my great goal. And I'm staying with the premiere of the Olympic distance World Cup in Abu Dhabi because it was hard to come back winning. It left me more relaxed for the rest of the year.

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