Judith Corachán TOP 10 at the Ironman 70.3 in Los Cabos

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Judith Corachán finished in 7ª position in the Ironman 70.3 in Los Cabos, in a race where the South African Jeanny Symour took the victory.

The competition began with the 1.900 m swim where the American Lauren Brandon It was the fastest with a 25 time: 04. A 1: 26 in second place came his compatriot Lindsey Jerdonek to the T1, third was the Canadian Sheila Treleaven to 1: 52 while Judith he did it in sixth position over 2 'along with three more triathletes.

During a good part of the cycling segment Lauren Brandon remained leader while behind there would be exchange of positions. In the 35 km Brandon led the test, followed by Jordenek to almost a minute and a half, while the Canadian McBride it was third to almost 3 '.

 On the other hand Judith passed in 7ª position to almost 7 '. In the last kilometers of cycling there was a regrouping in the lead, McBride was placed leader in the T2, followed by his compatriot Neath a scant second, while the trio formed by Brandon, Jordenek y Ballast I did it a minute from the Canadians. Judith Corachán it was 8ª in the T2 to almost 10 'of the leader.

The 21 km of running on foot were going to decide the 5 top positions, from the first meters Angela Naeth took the lead, followed by McBride who passed by km5 at 12”. For their part, the trio Brandon, Jordenek y Ballast they were still together over 2 'from the head of the race. Mediated the sector Naeth increased the distance to 1 'are McBride while behind the Australian climbed Carrie Ballast who was just 20 ”from the second classified. At km 15 Naeth I was holding the lead but less than 30” behind the South African Seymour who was also marking a large part on foot. Judith 7ª was placed ahead of the American Skye Moench and had a few seconds to the sixth classified. 

Finally the victory was for the South African Jeanni Symour that with a half marathon in 1: 22: 07 took the victory. His time in goal was 4: 18: 23, the second position was for Angela Neath only 13 seconds (4: 18: 36) and third was the Australian Lester.  

Women's Classification

1.- J. Seymour 4: 18: 23

2.- Angela Naeth 4: 18: 36

3.- C. Lester 4: 21: 20

4.- R. McBride 4: 22: 50

5.- L. Jerdonek 4: 25: 54

7.- Judith Corachan 4: 34: 36

 In the men's category victory has been for the New Zealander Terenzo Bozzone who has dominated the race from beginning to end, with the best time in the three segments. Bozzone he was the first to leave the water giving time to a group of four triathletes with Matt Chrabot, Team O'Donnell y Kevin Collington. The New Zealander has led the entire cycling segment, achieving also the best partial and arriving leader at the T1 with Chrabot at 16" and the rest of the favorites at more than 2'. In the 21km run Terenzo Bozzone has condemned the test by winning with a total time in goal of 3: 45: 35, second has been the American Matt Chrabot to 3: 51 and third his compatriot Kevin Collington to 5: 28.

 Men's Classification

1.- Terenzo Bozzone 3: 45: 34

2.- Matt Chrabot 4: 49: 25

3.- Kevin Collington 3: 51: 03

4.- Tim O'Donnell 3: 51: 43

5.- Jackson Laundry 3: 55: 53

 Photo of Judith: Bittor Mutiozabal

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