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Judith Corachán and Emilio Aguayo first Spaniards heading for the Ironman World 70.3

Judith Corachán and Emilio Aguayo will be the first Spanish PROs to compete in the Ironman circuit, in search of getting points for the next Ironman 70.3 World Championship to be held in South Africa.

Judith Corachán will be the first to enter the scene, the 28 day in January the Catalan travels to South Africa to dispute the Ironman 70.3 from South Africa where he will try to add points in the KPR 70.3 ranking for the 2018 World Championship and try the historic performance of 2017, where he was the first Spanish finisher in an IM 70.3 World Championship in the PRO category.

Nowadays Judith has 390 points thanks to his results in the IM 70.3 from Los Cabos and in the World IM Chattanooga. Recall that the world class 50 best (in addition to continental champions and world champions of previous years) and apparently last year, the limit of points to enter round the 1000.

A week later it will be the turn of Emilio Aguayo, the 2 of February in the IM 70.3 from Dubai, proof that he is a current champion Javier Gomez Noya and where surely there will be a start list with some of the best specialists in the world.

Emilio debuted in the circuit of IM 70.3 in Lanzarote by the big door, getting a great 2ª position which allowed him to add 640 KPR points and consider the possibility of qualifying for the IM 70.3 World Championship this year.

To get an idea of ​​the importance of this result say that of the Spanish triathletesolo Noya has achieved an equal or better result than Aguayo in recent years in an IM 70.3 test. As in women for this world class 50 ranked best in the world ranking and seeing the classifieds of recent years, reach 1.000 points is almost guaranteed to qualify.  

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