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World runner-up Lucy Charles participates in an Ironman 70.3 with her parents

Lucy Charles ran with her parents the Ironman 70.3 of Staffordshire in relay team

A week after proclaiming double world champion of Challenge in Samorin, Lucy Charles together with his parents competed in relay format in the IM 70.3 of Staffordshire

The English locality Staffotdshire located about 90 km south of Manchester hosted a new edition of its Ironman 70.3, a test that brings back good memories for Spanish fans, since three years ago Javier Gómez Noya he achieved victory.

In this edition one of the protagonists was Lucy Charles, who along with his parents formed the "The Charles Family", competing in the relay mode.

Lucy Charles entering goal with her parents

El father Lucy was in charge of starting the competition, with the 1.900m of swimming that she covered in a time of 35: 48. Later Lucy Charles was in charge of making the 90 km of cycling.

 The current runner-up in the world of Ironman "flew" in the cycling segment with a time of 2: 21: 00 at an average of 38,94 km / h and was leading the T2, giving the relief to his mother in first position of all relay categories.

Finally Lucy's mother completed the 21 km with a time of 1: 50: 49. The team "The Charles Family" achieved victory in the category of mixed relays and third place in the general relay.

Photos: Twitter and Facebook of Lucy Charles

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