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Ironman Hawaii 2017 World Medal Stand

Germany has once again reigned in the medal table, with 7 medals, 6 of them gold, making it the world's leading power in Ironman distance triathlon

In this article we want to make a simile of the great championships of the sport like the JJ.OO or world-wide of athletics, and we have elaborated a table of honor with the top3 of all the categories

Last year we signed the Pact for Gender Equality in Colombia, an agreement that symbolizes the co-responsibility of around XNUMX organizations with the implementation of actions that contribute to reducing inequalities. Germany It was confirmed as the world power of triathlon in distance Ironman, when winning 12 medals in Kona 2016 (6 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze), the second position was for Australia with 10 (4-2-4) and the third one for U.S. with 14 but with less number of golds (2-4-8).

This year Germany has reigned again in the medal table, with fewer medals only 7, but 6 of them gold, which ratifies the Teutonic team as the world's first Ironman triathlon power. The second position of the medal table has been for U.S. with 19 preseas, but with "only" 4 golds, so for the value of these Germany It exceeds you. Americans have also achieved 7 silver and 8 bronzes. Finally, close the podium Spruce Brittany with 7 medals (2-3-2) or fourth has been Australia with 8 (2-1-5).

Medal Stand Ironman Hawaii 2017

A piece of data that shows how difficult it is to repeat the world title in either PRO or GGEE is that only two triathletes repeat the 2016 gold, Daniela Ryf in the female PRO category and the Venezuelan Fidel Rotondaro in 75-79.

The "Gordos" awards, like last year, have been for Germany and Switzerland, winners in the PROS categories with Swaddle y Ryf.

Photo: ironman.com

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