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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Michelle Vesterby retires from Ironman Cozumel

The triathlete who participated pregnant has withdrawn from the test due to a puncture in the cycling sector

Michelle Vesterby I was participating in the Ironman Cozumel, after having participated in the Kona Ironman already pregnant. Today she has withdrawn not because of the pregnancy but because of a prick in the kilometer 40 of the cycling segment that has forced her to retire when she was in third position. Michelle had finished second in the swim.

The triathlete who is already in her second trimester of pregnancy nor had left aside his participation in kona2019 and tried the classification in this test, since after giving birth will not be able to compete in some time. For this he continued to train normally for the race.

The doctors who supervised her gave her approval to participate in the test, as long as she was well and today she took the start in Cozumel

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Photo: @talbotcox

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