Miquel Blanchart fourth in the Ironman Barcelona

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The victory has been for the Frenchman Antony Costes getting the record of the test with 07: 49: 19 while the Dutch Yvonne Van Vlerken gets her second consecutive victory and breaks the test record.

Miquel, with a great segment of running, has climbed 8 places in the 42 km of race.

Today has been held in Calella, Barcelona, ​​a new edition ofl Ironman Barcelona where we counted on Spanish participation with the Catalans Miquel Blanchart y Judith Corachán y Helena Herrero in professional category.

The race started at 8 in the morning with the 3,8 km of swimming where the fastest was Mike Phillips followed by a group of 12 triathletes in just 30 seconds, among which was Miquel Blanchart who left the 12º to 31 seconds of the head of the race.

Already over 180 km of cycling we could see how Miquel Blanchart rose to the first position of the test on km 20 of the race until kilometer 109 that was reached by the Frenchman Antony Costes who left alone to reach T2 together New Zealander Mike Phillips. The third to arrive at T2 was the British Philip Graves more than 6 minutes away. Miquel Blanchart dropped some positions in the latter part of the cycling sector reaching T2 with 10 minutes behind Costes.

Already in the 42 km of race on foot we saw how Philip Graves took the lead and left alone trying to release the Frenchman, getting a maximum advantage of 48 seconds over him at the 15 km of the race. From there the Antony Costes he was cutting ground to overtake him again in km 22 and go solo to get the victory in the test with a time of 07: 49: 19 pulverizing the record of the test that got last year Patrik Nilsson with 7h 55'28. Philip Graves it was second (07: 52: 50) with 3: 31 of disadvantage while the Ukrainian Viktor Zyemtsev (07: 58: 03) was third.

From behind we could see a great Miquel Blanchart starring a great comeback to finish in fourth final position and avalanche 8 positions ending with a time of 08: 02: 03


Pos Athlete Time
1 Costs, Antony (FRA) 7:49:19
2 Phillips, Mike (NZL) 7:52:50
3 Zyemtsev, Viktor (UKR) 7:58:03
4 Blanchart Tinto, Miquel (ESP) 8:02:03
5 Diederen, Bas (NED) 8:04:51
6 Skipper, Joe (GBR)  8:15:17
7 Reichel, Horst (GER)  8:16:10
8 Unger, Marc (GER) 8:19:07
9 Ruenz, Michael (GER)  8:25:52
10 Lassonde, Cedric (FRA) 8:28:59

Female test

In the women's event, the fastest to get out of the water was Kate Comber followed by Judith Corachán at just 5 seconds, and by Katja Konschak, Ewa Bugdol at 10 and by Daniela Sämmler at 19.

In the 180 km of cycling, a trio in the lead was formed with Daniela Sämmler, Lisa Huetthaler and Kimberley Morrison who was united until the end of the sector reaching T2 together, Juditgh Corachán always remained in Top10 positions reaching the eighth transition.

Judith Corachán at Iroman Barcelona

In the 42 km of running race the German Daniela Sämmler led the test until the km 28 where the Dutch Yvonne Van Vlerken, surpassed it by going back over 6 minutes over Sämmler, leaving alone to get the final victory in a time of 08:46:18 beating the record of the test for the second consecutive year. The second classified was Lisa huetthaler (08: 51: 21) followed by Daniela Sämmler (08: 55: 11) occupying the third final position. 

Judith Corachán he had to retire at the start of the run on foot due to stomach problems.

Photo Miquel @triatlonsp / judith @ Ironmanlive

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