• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Miquel Blanchart to the Ironman Mar del Plata in Argentina

The Ironman of Mar del Plata in Argentina will be the last Ironman of the season and will be played next December 3.

Miquel Blanchart today fly to South America to contest the first edition ofIronman of Mar del Plata, in the beautiful Atlantic city of Mar del Plata in Argentina.

We wanted to talk to Miquel who has told us how he has been preparing the test: "I have been training well in these last weeks, with good rhythms and volumes but I have lacked a bit of continuity due to physical discomfort in the band and also to some other problem that has emerged during these last months.

 I'm looking forward to competing and closing the season with a good handful of points, which will be difficult since the starting list of Mar del Plata is very solid, with many triathletes that we can be fighting for the first positions and where I hope to be fighting with them. Swimming and cycling, I feel really good and the unknown is the race on foot because of the discomfort in the band and the talus, to see if we can run with guarantees at the rhythms that I'm used to doing " 

He also told us about the circuits of Mar del Plata: "A swim with a complicated sea is expected due to the low depth and in a quite cold water. Cycling is "a Barcelona II" because it is quite flat, next to the coast where the wind is expected to hit hard. Finally the marathon should not be very hot, with maximum of about 24-25 degrees, with moderate temperatures that allows us to run without too much heat "

Finally he tells us what his feelings are these days before and how he faces the competition: "We must focus on the good feelings we have, take care of food and nutrition, not leave any step and follow it to the letter.

Finally I want to thank you for your support and I hope that on Sunday you follow the race you send me your encouragement, that surely I will need them. Thank you very much for everything and see you around "

Photo: Triatlonsp

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