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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Ivan Raña disputes the Ironman of Cozumel in his talisman country, Mexico

The first world champion in the history of Spanish triathlon in the highest category, Ivan Raña competes this Sunday in the IM of Cozumel.

"Mexico lindo y querido ..." is sung in one of the most famous rancheras of the Aztec country and possibly Ivan Raña feel that feeling for Mexico, your talisman country where you got your first podium in a World Cup (2º in 1999), the first Spanish triathlon world title in the highest category (Cancun 2002) and it was also his debut in the distance queen of the triathlon, in the Ironman of Cozumel where he took the victory with a time of 8: 15: 20.

An 8 top of Raña in this edition of Ironman Cozumel would practically leave him qualified for the Hawaii 2018 World Championship.

The competition possesses what is possibly the most beautiful swim of the Ironman circuit, 3800 m almost in a straight line bordering the coral reef of Cozumel, Later, cycling are 3 turns of 60km completely flat to finish with the marathon, where heat is expected and humidity. The triathletes will run in a circuit of 14,065 km until completing the 42,195 km.

In the male category the German Sebastian Kienle he is the top favorite, not only to victory, but also to break the 8h barrier ... something that would be his 6 time, being the triathlete who has achieved the most times. The Swiss Michael White is another candidate for the podium, along with Ivan Raña, who always has options to fight with the best in any event he disputes. Other aspirants to the front positions are French Denis Chevrot and the German Stefan Schmid. The test has two other Spaniards, on the one hand Albert Moreno that "re" debuts in the distance and Victor Stream who debuted as PRO.

As regards the female competition, the Germans Anja Beranek y Sonja Vlaar Tajsich are the favorites along with the American Lisa Roberts.

 Male and female start list

 Photo: http://ivanrana.es

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