Carlos Aznar, David Corredor and Pedro Jose Andújar Spanish podiums GGEE in Kona

Great role of the Spanish triathletes in their age groups, one of the best in history with 3 triathletes on the podium of their respective groups (*)

The Age Groups that have made podium at Kona 2016


The best Spanish GGEE was Carlos Aznar, the only one under 9h marking a time of 9: 58: 57 what earned him to be 2º in the age group 30-34. The triathlete of CT Devils of Rivas He made a spectacular comeback during the whole race, he came out in 86ª water square, after the 180km of cycling he was in 15ª position and after a spectacular marathon of 2h56: 17 won the second position.

Carlos Aznar podium at Ironman hawaii kona 2016

The second best Spanish GGEE was David Corredor who covered the IM of Kona with a time of 9: 04: 36 what earned him to be third in the 35-39 group. David did a similar competition to Carlos, climbing positions after the T1 where he was 62º, arrived at T2 19º and climbed on foot to the podium.

David Corredor podium at Ironman hawaii kona 2016

The third Spanish podium was achieved by the Murcian Pedro Jose Andújar at the end of 4º in 25-29 with a time of 9: 11: 03. The triathlete of CD TRIrunner Narrow Pit Triathlon Team based its great result mainly thanks to the cycling sector, where after leaving 25º of the water I go up 20 positions to get off 5º. Later with an 3 marathon: 11: 43 managed to advance another square to finish 4º.

Pedro Jose Andújar podium at Ironman hawaii kona 2016

Highlight other triathletes who got top10 positions: Víctor Arroyo 6º 30-34, Kristian Quintans and Ivan Caceres were 7º and 8º in 25-29, Lucia Pérez 8ª in 30-34 and Javier García 9º in 40-44.

Finally, to emphasize that of the 4 best Spanish GGEE in Kona, three of them achieved their slot in Lanzarote, which gives us an idea of ​​the enormous level that has each year the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote, a race chosen by the best to qualify for the World of Hawaii.

(Photo David Corredor: Alex Rubio, Photo Pedro: A. Solana)

(*) In Kona 5 are the triathletes awarded on the podium.

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