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Javier Gómez Noya prepared for his debut in the Ironman of Cairns

This coming Sunday, a new edition of the Ironman of Cairns, a city located in the northeast of Australia, will be held, with the participation of Javier Gómez Noya and Gurutze Frades.

At the end of last year in Triathlon news We quote several Ironmans where presumably Javier Gómez Noya could make his debut in the mythical distance in the 226 kilometers, in the list we list the Continental Championships (South Africa, Texas, Cairns or Frankfurt) in addition to the "mythical" Lanzarote and Nice. Weeks later Noya himself confirmed which his first Ironman I was going to play in the city of Cairns, in Australia.

Noya returns to the continent where it all started, as it was in Queenstown (New Zealand) in the year 2003 where sand proclaimed world champion sub23.

Javi arrives undefeated in this 2018 to the Autralian event, with three victories in three competitions, the Challenge Wanaka, the Polar Cannes International Triathlon and the Ironman 70.3 Barcelona.

El Ironman of Cairns Will be your debut in the distance queen, a test where all eyes will be on him, like all competitions he does. On the other hand Noya already advanced that his great goal of the year is the Kona World, so here in Cairns are two main objectives, the first to seal their classification for the world championship, for this you just need to finish the test and the second one accommodating a distance in which he has never competed.

The main favorites to fight in the first positions are Luke McKenzie (Australia) 2º at the Hawaii 2013 IM and winner at Cairns that same year, Currie Braden (New Zealand) 3º last year in the IM of Cairns, Terenzo Bozzone (New Zealand) the only one that all the participants have managed to finish an 70.3 in front of Noya, last year in Barhein and Tim O'Donnell (USA) 3rd in the Hawaii Ironman 2016, in addition to Javi himself, although it must be remembered that it is his first long-distance triathlon.

Gurutze Frades will look to add points for their qualification to Kona

As far as female representation is concerned, Gurutze Frades It will be the only Spanish participant in Cairns. The Basque already knows what it is to shine in Continental Championships, it was 6ª in the IM of South Africa A few weeks ago, and last year he achieved the podium in the IM of Brazil and the 5ª place in South Africa.

Gurutze Frades in competition

Guru was the first Spanish to qualify for the Kona World Championship with the KPR system, in 2016. Last year he repeated participation with an 22 position. Guru is demonstrating in recent years a great regularity in the Ironman distance, where he leads from 2015 finishing all his ironmans with which he struggles to qualify for Hawaii in top6 positions, highlighting also the victory in Vichy 2015 and the podiums of Malaysia (2ª) that same year and the aforementioned Brazil 2017.

Guru is currently placed in the 41ª place of the KPR ranking where you have 2.410 points and you need to add the maximum possible until you reach the 4.000 more or less where is the cut in women to qualify for Kona. In this 2017 Gurutze in addition to the 6ª position of the Ironman of South Africa, he also played the Lanzarote 122 and the Triathlon of Xilxes, winning both competitions.

The main rivals of Guru will be, Sara Crowley (Australia) 3ª in the Ironman of Hawaii 2017, Mirinda Carfrae (Australia) Three times winner of the Hawaii Ironman (2010, 2013, 2014),  Asa Lundstrom (Sweden) 5ª in the Ironman of Mar del Plata 2017 and Anja Beranek (Germany) 4ª at the Hawaii Ironman 2016

Information about the test

Male and female start list

The Ironman Cairns is made up of 3.800m of swimming to a return, 180 km of practically level cycling with the road parallel to the sea and 42 in a round trip also parallel to the sea.

The test will start the 6: 30 AM (22: 30 Spanish time)  with the male PRO and 5 'output, then the women will do it. Besides Noya and Frades, there are three Spaniards enrolled in GGEE. Those who are finishers can tell that they were in Noya's debut in IM. Sinuhé Arroyo, Jordi Barrachina and Chelo Serrano, the latter will not be able to compete for an injury.

Photo Gurutze: Maru González - Tri 122 Teseguise / Facebook Javier Gomez Noya

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