• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Miquel Blanchart to shine in the Ironman Mar del Plata

 This Sunday is the last Ironman of the year, the Mar del Plata in Argentina, where Miquel Blanchart will try to fight with the best to get a good result that allows him to add points for the Kona 2018

The city of Mar del Plata hosts the first edition of a Ironman in Argentina, after the success in several editions of the 70.3 of Buenos Aires. Mar del Plata is a very touristic city with a great triathletic tradition where several competitions are held every year from different distances.

Until Argentina has traveled Miquel Blanchart for close your 2017 season. After being 4º at the Ironman of Barcelona, the Catalan seeks to achieve a similar or better position that allows him to close the year well positioned in the KPR ranking.

One is provided competition lasts for the cold I can do in the early hours of the day and by the wind in the cycling sector. Swimming consists of 3.800 m divided into two rounds of 1.900 in the Atlantic Ocean, will be hard, with cold water below 20 degrees and where there may be currents depending on the day.

The cycling sector consists of two laps of 90km until completing the 180km. He The profile is practically flat and a large part of the route runs parallel to the sea, so the wind will be the greatest enemy of the triathletes. Finally the triathletes will finish with the marathon, 42km divided into three laps of 14 where the Argentine public will be the protagonist as usual, nonstop encouraging all competitors.

 Miquel he told us in a interview before traveling to Argentina as it is: "I have been training well in these last weeks, with good rhythms and volumes but I have lacked a bit of continuity due to physical discomfort in the band and also to some other problem that has emerged during these last months "

The Catalan will seek to fight with the best in a race where the favorites are the Americans Andy Potts y Matt Chrabot together with the Brazilians Igor Amorelli y Reinaldo Colucci Special mention to the number 1 the great Oscar Galindez, one of the best South American triathletes of all time, Duathlon World Champion in 1995, Sydney Olympic 2000 and IM 70.3 World Runner-up in 2007 (behind Potts). Galíndez at 46 years is still competing from one to the other with the best, as he demonstrated a few weeks ago when he was 2º at IM 70.3 in Coquimbo, Chile.

In the female category the Swedish Asa Lundstrom and the Americans Sara Piampiano, Daniele Mack y Old man Grisbauer They are the favorites.

List of male and female living room

The competition will start the 6: 20 in the morning with the departure of the men. The women will do it to the 6: 25 and later the age groups to the 6: 30.

Among the participants of the age groups we have to highlight several Argentine triathletes finishers of the Ironman of Lanzarote such as Lorena Fariña (3ª of the general in the 70.3 of Coquimbo a few weeks ago) and Gabriela Obregón, both of them highly appreciated in the Argentine triathlon. We must also mention Cecilia Scarrone, one of the four triathletes of Mar del Plata, very loved in her hometown, who competed in the 70.3 last year in Lanzarote and now in Mar del Plata will make her debut in the distance queen of triathlon .

Photo: Facebook Miquel Blanchart

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