Saleta Castro wins the Ironman of Maastrich and Miquel Blanchart finishes in fifth position.

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Saleta Castro has achieved his first victory in an Ironman test, in the test where he was second last year.

Today, in the Netherlands, the Ironman of Masstrich where we had the presence of Saleta Castro, already thinking about its classification for Hawaii next year,  Miquel Blanchart , with the aim of adding points for Kona, and Iván Caceres in professional category.

Saleta Castro, one of the favorites for the victory, began to show that she had come with enthusiasm from the beginning of the test, coming out in second position from the water 29 seconds behind the British Kate Comber.

Thanks to a quick transition, the Galician went out to cover the 180 km of cycling at the head of the race, followed a few seconds by Comber. Saleta with a strong rhythm on the bike, increased the difference to reach 3:20 in the 100 km of the race compared to Sione Jongstra. Behind the Canadian Brooke Brown cut up to 9 minutes of difference in the sector reaching T2 with 1:57 compared to Saleta Castro, who began the solo race.

In the 42 kilometers of running, Saleta Castro He had no rival, as he was increasing his advantage to get the victory in a time of 09: 37: 17, which means his first victory in an Ironman test. The second classified has been the Canadian Brooke Brown (09: 48: 13) and by the British Kate Combe (09: 55: 47) completing the podium

Women's Classification


Castro, Saleta (ESP) 9:37:17
Brown, Brooke (CAN) 9:48:13
Comber, Kate (GBR) 9:55:47


Miquel Blanchart fifth in the men's event

The test began at 7 in the morning with the 3,8 km of swimming where the first to leave the water was the British Harry Wiltshire followed by the Dutch Martijn Dekker and Bas Diederen. Miquel Blanchart, started in fifth position at 1:46 from the head of the test.

During the 180 km cycling sector, a group in the lead was formed with Bas Diederen, Martijn Dekker, Harry Wiltshire and Michael Van Cleven who was climbing positions to become leader of the test at kilometer 127 of the route that he maintained until reaching T2 where he led Michael Van Cleven at 5:18 and Michael Weiss at 5:36. Miquel Blanchart remained in the top 10 at all times, reaching T2 in sixth position with 18:25 minutes late at the head of the race.

Already in the 42 km of the foot race the British Michael Weiss he was cutting distance until reaching the head of the test in the 30 km of race on foot, leaving alone to get the victory in a total time of 08:18:09 followed by the Belgian Michael Van Cleven (08: 23: 27) and by the Dutch  Bas Dieren (08: 25: 50) occupying the third final position.

Miquel Blanchart at the end it was fifth with a time of 08: 43: 08

Men's Classification

Weiss, Michael (AUT) 8:18:09
Van Cleven, Michael (BEL) 8:23:27
Diederen, Bas (NED) 8:25:50
Wiltshire, Harry (GBR) 8:27:10
Blanchart Tinto, Miquel (ESP) 8:43:08
Gomes, Pedro (POR) 8:49:24
Auverdin, Nicolas (BEL) 9:01:13
Schlemonat, Ricardo (GER) 9:04:18
Kaden, Paul (GER) 9:09:34
Van Gerwen, Tycho (BEL) 9:11:17

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